Dog Training Near Me — Why It is Important To Work With a Local Trainer

Benefits of Working with a Local Dog Trainer

Dog training is important for a dog, but it can be even more important for dog owners. Understanding common dog behaviors and how to manage them is a necessary part of living with a dog. Teaching and learning proper communication techniques cannot typically be accomplished with one training session, and will typically require a number of sessions to really be effective. Working with a local dog trainer who is near your home will make the whole process much easier and beneficial to both you and your dog.

How to Find the Best Dog Trainer Near Me

In order to find an experienced dog trainer near you, speaking with friends or neighbors who have worked with dog trainers in the past is always a good way to get solid first hand accounts of how good a trainer is. Also, Google “dog trainers near me” and read some of the reviews from past clients. It also can’t hurt to reach out to a few different trainers to get a sense of their personalities and training styles. The trainers at Alaska Dog Works pride ourselves on using only positive reinforcement training, which not only achieves the best results, but also builds the healthiest relationship between people and their pets. We strongly believe that “Communication is Key” and that the training process should strengthen the relationship between you and your pet by building mutual respect and trust.

Alaska Dog Works – Dog Training Near Me

At Alaska Dog Works, we work with dogs and their owners to correct behavioral issues and build a strong, healthy relationship based on communication and mutual respect. The following are some of the services we offer through our  dog training programs. We are happy to address any specialized needs you may have.

  • Pre-Adoption/Ownership – Advice on set-up and what to expect.
  • Puppy Training – The best time to train your dog is when they are a puppy, because they have no learned behaviors.
  • Puppy Potty Training – We can help you train your new friend on when and where they should go to the bathroom.
  • Crate Training – With a new puppy or dog, crate training is a great way to start teaching them the rules of the house.
  • Dog Obedience Training – We can design a specific program to target the problem areas for your new puppy or dog to get fast and lasting results through positive reinforcement.
  • Behavioral Issues including but not limited to:
    •   Barking is a natural response for a dog, but it is possible to train your dog to stop barking in certain situations.
    • Fear and Anxiety – Just like in humans, fear and anxiety is very real in dogs. Our professional trainers can help your dog overcome these issues.
    • Separation Anxiety – It is common for puppies and dogs to feel uncomfortable when left alone. We can help your dog feel safe and comfortable in your home.
    • Jumping – We can train your dog to only jump in certain situations and also teach commands to get them to stop.
    • Chewing – We can show your puppy what is acceptable and what is off limits when it comes to chewing and/or nipping.

We have experience working with a wide range of both mixed and purebred dogs.

Contact an Experienced Dog Trainer Near Me in Anchorage, AK

Certified Professional Dog Trainer Michele Forto and the rest of the team at Alaska Dog Works are committed to helping our clients train their dogs in a way that will create a healthy, happy bond with your pet. We offer dog training services at our Camp in Willow, facility in Palmer, Wasilla, Eagle River, Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka, and Beyond. 

Read our reviews on Google as well as our client testimonials to find out more about the positive impact we can have on your dog.

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