Service Dog Consulting

Michele Forto and her team at Alaska Dog Works have been training service dogs for more than 15 years. Here in Alaska there are a couple other companies that train service dogs but they do not have the experience of Michele. It is true that you can train your own service dog. But to do it right, leave it up to the pros.

Along with training service dogs for her clients in Alaska and around the country, Michele has witnessed first hand the need for an evolving training program to provide businesses that offer a product or service to the general public. There is so much confusion on how to properly interact with a service dog team. What to say or what to do.

As you may know, there seems to be an infusion of personal pets falsely being portrayed as service dogs. The businesses recognize this too. You may have seen the signs posted at the entrance of the grocery store or read in the news about the airlines changing their policies.

We offer the “technical” information and leave the legal advice to those who are qualified to give it.¬†


Along with the added knowledge of how the presence of service dogs can impact your business, gaining a potential customer who has money to spend is also a plus. Did you know that there is $175 billion in discretionary spending from those that are disabled? In addition, you don’t want to risk costly litigation and negative publicity (social media, etc.) by being uninformed.

Let us be a part of your new employee orientation or in-service education programs

Michele is very hands on. In developing the concept there is definitely an advantage to having her train your staff because of the multitude of questions that will arise, plus with her informative “demo” on how to properly interact with a service dog team, it helps your staff see and do things they might be able to do by watching a webinar or PowerPoint presentation.

Benefits to you from our training program

  • Clarify what tasks/work service dogs are trained to do
  • The different types of working dogs in public settings
  • Understand how to interact with a service dog handler and their dog
  • Explore your role in properly welcoming service dogs into your business
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) discussion
  • Etiquette for the customer/guest/patient/client
  • Demonstration of how to properly interact with a service dog team

From one-on-one intensive VIP training to virtual webinars, there is a training package suitable for every type of business and employee availability.

Michele Forto and her team at Alaska Dog Works have been in the industry for a long time. They have seen changes in the industry and the challenges, over the years with the Americans with Disabilities Act to public access, to traveling with service dogs. We know you have questions and concerns for your business and your clients/patients/guests about service dog access.

Please note, we are service dog trainers and business owners. Not attorneys. We are providers of technical information regarding service dogs as they relate to federal and state laws. We do not give legal advice. It is always recommended you seek legal counsel for any specific issues that may arise.

Training Opportunities 

VIP Training Session

  • Provide one-on-one training in person or in a virtual webinar
  • Informational manual with applicable documents as a back up for situations you may encounter with a service dog issue
  • All technical aspects of service dogs discussed to give you the most up-to-date information on the tasks/work performed by service dogs
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On-site Training 

  • Personalized training held at your site and includes service dog education information as well as bonus of etiquette and a demo on how to assist guest/clients with service dogs
  • Service dog and handler will be invited to participate (depending on area and access of the dog/handler on the day of training)
  • Information manual (additional charge) for your staff/employees as a reference guide
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