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Michele and her team have been instrumental is allowing us to have a well behaved Karelian Bear Dog. We did the Peak Performance Camp and also attended the group lessons in the summer. Whenever we had a training question, Michelle was quick to respond via Zoom to talk us through different strategies. We also have done additional lessons with bike jouring. Thanks Alaska Dog Works!
Julie Graham
I have known Michele Forto for over 20 years and have great faith in her training of canines. She has taught myself a great many things and in turn I pass these on to my students. She always does what’s best for the student and the dog. I highly recommend Michele as a trainer and a leader. Her knowledge is valuable to everyone who comes in contact with her. Believe me, you are in great hands if you train with Michele.
Russell Ingram
Rick Koch
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Nicole has been a valuable asset to our family/pack. We have integrated her methods and are very happy. We have a crazy group and she has been very patient with all of us. The lessons are very well laid out. The videos are great. All the extras that come with the program are awesome. Especially the group sessions. Thank you Nicole and Michelle.
Bobby Carrol
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Alaska Dog Works has been fantastic. Michelle, Robert, and Nicole are awesome trainers. I’ve been using them to train my German Shepard. He is turning out just liked I’d hoped. I highly recommend their training services for all dogs!
Hey Michele! It has been nine years since you taught me to train Lady- black lab mix in Anchorage 2013. Since then she has saved my life from an intruder and been a faithful teachers pet. One of the most obedient dogs I have owned thanks to your training. I just got a golden pyrenees mix and this dog is super smart and super stubborn. Fortunately, the training you taught me and using lady as an example has allowed me to train this 12 week old puppy to do a lot of commands way faster than lady. Lady will be 13 this month. Hope this brightens your day. Please post this text if you like. You can #TylerAlaskaDesjarlais
Tyler Desjarlais
Alaska Dog Works are the best trainers I have ever worked with! They came highly recommended by a friend, who is an Iditarod musher, after she also had a great experience with them working with her pet. Communication with both Michele and Nicole was a breeze. They offered a really thorough phone consultation, and answered all of my questions on specific behavioral concerns with my dog. They provided a comprehensive online training course, and zoom meetings to help keep up the training, too. My golden doodle Jasper stayed with Alaska Dog Works for a three week board and training, as well as a vacation stay board and work for a week. I trust them 100% with my dog and could tell that they gave him tons of love and attention. Their space is clean and welcoming. They even offer individual training updates and photos of your dog throughout their stay. Nicole did excellent work with our energetic young dog. She is exceedingly patient and warm, but firm. She was so kind and encouraging with me as she taught me how to better train and interact with Jasper as well. His walking skills, manners and basic commands are strong and consistent thanks to his time with Alaska Dog Works. They taught me how to manage his excitable behavior and
Courtney McConnell
If you need well behaved dogs and haven't yet mastered the self-discipline to get that far with your pups, make the investment with Dog Works. We have two spinonis--a nearly 4 year old and a 2 year old. The first came with anxiety. The vet recommended medication. We decided instead on our own training (inconsistent) and an effervescent puppy pal, both which helped. But this wasn't enough given we would have a decade plus with two big dogs with big voices, some stubbornness, and inconsistent parental commands. Our first training last summer with Michelle was interesting: With the two dogs leashed next to her and quiet but firm commands "leave it," we saw the dogs sit calmly as dogs and people passed on the street, rather than bark and strain on their leashes with us. They attended a two week camp -- with the youngest even returning willing to sit on command while running around 30 plus feet away. The Woodhouse Way TV program years ago basically said: look at how you deal with your dog first. Woodhouse could right wrong behaviors at camp, and it was up to the owner to follow-through. We have to admit, we don't always follow our "Dog Works" take-home instructions. That's on us. We know what we should do. When we slip, the pups do their best to retrain us to do their will. What is nice: the pups know what to do. With just a little work, we can get back on track. We took advantage of Dog Work's 1-hour weekend group 'distracted dog' training sessions spring through fall, and will again. They are excellent. It is amazing to see the pups work. We have also logged into the weekly call-in program a few times for recommendations. This is all part of the training package. This past March, rather than board the dogs while we traveled, we sent them to a re-boot camp. From the photos, it looked like they thought school was easier the second time.
Carol Howarth
Luna went to camp, because, after trying for months, she wouldn’t do what she didn’t want to do. She came back from camp a changed dog. She does what she’s told now, mostly. It’s such a wonderful big change. Thank you Dog Works.
Doug Tryck
I have tried out different trainers for my reactive pup and have seen varying degree of effectiveness, but this time the effects are long lasting and have addressed many of the issues we have had for a long time. I am glad to have found Michele and Nicole who has helped me become more confident as a dog owner and have helped quelled 50-60% of my anxiety with taking my dog on a walk or into public spaces for fear of his reactivity towards other dogs and sometimes humans. He still has a ways to go, since he is 9 years old and learning just takes more time at this age, and needs consistency with training but I have seen improvements in how he handles himself in varying environments and am grateful for the tools Michele and Nicole have given me to address these issues as they appear. They are always a text away if there are situations that I struggled to handle by myself and are always ready to give helpful recommendations to address the issue(s). They are stern with my stubborn grouchy old man of a pup, but also provide him with so much love and care. They have also been very accommodating to my work schedule with training and Michele will show up in almost any weather (she's a trooper!).
Nhi Tran
Michele was extremely helpful in walking me through the possibilities and realities of rehabilitating a fear reactive dog. As a former Animal Control Officer, I am familiar with the baggage that comes with poorly trained canines. The breath and depth of her knowledge of the breed was welcome. I appreciated the amount of time given to discuss options.
James Rogers
Alaska Dog Works, and Nicole specifically, helped our family immensely as we welcomed our little one, Pebbles. The program was thorough and simple to put in to practice. Nicole was always so helpful, providing insights we never would have considered and guidance to help us learn. Our sweet one struggles with insecurity, and through Nicole’s help she has made huge progress and we have learned how to better support and equip her for success. We’re so grateful we found Alaska Dog Works!
Catlin Clark
Great trainers and we had a great experience with them. In only a few weeks, we had our Karelian Bear Dog's moose problem solved!
Dean Hoffer
What an honor to be a guest on Robert's Podcast, Dog Works Radio! Robert's level of professionalism and knowledge of dogs is awe-inspiring. It was a pleasure to share my book, Eddie's Journey, and talk about my Executive Coaching / Consulting business, Alaska Tracy with his audience. I highly recommend tuning in to Dog Works Radio for anyone interested in learning more about dogs and their incredible abilities. Thank you, Robert, for the opportunity to participate in your show!
Tracy Rosesch Williams
Nicole is stellar. She understands and works with the dog's individual behavior. She can she see my dog's reactions and body movements I don't see and explains it. She is an exceptional teacher. I've bred dogs for a couple of decades and I'm learning more that I ever thought I would. She works with any dog. Is really good with reactive or nervous dogs.
Robin Hobbs
This is a wonderful podcast if you love mushing, especially the Iditarod. Robert, Toni and Michele are super knowledgeable and generously share their deep and intimate knowledge of mushing, current and former mushers, and the history of mushing in Alaska. I have learned so much from them!
New York
This summer when we took our Patticake back to Alaska Dog Works, it was like her going home.  She was a very young puppy over six years ago when she first participated in training and she knew where the front door was and went crazy for Michele!  Patticake was in great hands. With Nicole now apart of the team created a huge plus to this program! Lollipop, our young puppy, is learning to mix in her training from camp into her life back at our house.  One of the best things about Michele and Nicole is that they are there to help you with any worries.  The weekly zoom is great as well, to hear from the other folks who have shared their pup’s journeys. We learned about this program because our son and family take their dogs to them! Coming from Alabama to Alaska to see our son and family for the summer, we now have added  Alaska Dog Works to our family, they are very special.
Susie Crownover
Pattycake &Lollipop
I loved doing my show “The Sibe Vibe”on Dog Works Radio with my producer and co-host, Robert (and his wife Michele who occasionally stepped in as co-host). While I am a career author and photojournalist, stepping behind the mic was a huge step into the unknown for me. I thank Robert for not only giving me this opportunity and the forum to discuss my own Sibes and the magnificent breed of the Siberian Husky, but for always encouraging me to bring my love and knowledge of Siberian Huskies and Canine Epilepsy to the airwaves via his family of shows. Working with Robert for the past 10 years has been a dream. His love and knowledge of the breed shines through in everything he does (even First Paw coffee!), and his voice was born for the radio air waves. He has been a wonderful radio and podcast mentor to me, and a joy to have as a co-host and producer.
Dorothy Wills-Raftery
The Five Sibes Mom
Alaska Dog Works worked with me to reach my goal of training my newfypoo to be a dental therapy dog. My experience with them was great! Michele really worked with my school and work schedule to make it work! I’m so proud of my Luci and looking forward to bringing patients comfort and peace during their dental appointments.
Luci Dental Therapy Dog Alaska Dog Works
Shayna McGinty
Michele and her crew are simply the best! Our dog,Bender, loves being with them. They are amazing trainers!
Shani Vannoy
We couldn’t recommend Alaska dog works more. Our dog absolutely loves being there with his friends and Nicole and Michelle are so communicative with us while we are away. It really is his home away from home and we are so glad to have them!
Matthew Wilson

Quacyya Cuaresma

My experience working with Alaska Dog Works greatly exceeded my expectations. We received wonderful support and guidance from Michele and Nicole throughout the entire training process. Not only is our dog much more behaved, we also understand the root of his behaviors, as well as how to identify them in his interactions with other dogs. We are much more confident dog owners that can now give our dog the support and structure he needs. I cannot recommend AK Dog Works enough!
Morney Mallory
The team at Alaska Dog Works Training is fantastic! Michele and Nicole have both been exceptional at training our dog and, importantly, helping us understand how to respond with the dog at home. Our dog, Jackie, is a very social malamute/husky mix. They are knowledgeable m, clearly love dogs, and techniques they’ve shown us work. We have also had great success boarding her with them. I highly recommend their services!
Kim Erickson
Leah Morse
Leah Morse
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Robert truly motivated me to get the best from the work that I put in. Seeing his drive and passion for people and dogs is inspiring. His patience and counsel are still greatly appreciated.
Quinn McClure
Quinn McClure
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Robert was a great instructor and help me through my classes. He is great with dogs and he loves to teach dog mushing
Lisa DeVore
Lisa DeVore
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Mr. Forto took my precious Bailey and trained him to be an amazing service dog. He is an outstanding trainer and an amazing man who continues to uphold his integrity in a world full of online service animal “certifications.”
Michele is the most amazing person! She was willing to work with our very limited income with an affordable payment plan, and I believe this was instrumental in my daughters recovery. This was also during the height of Covid lockdown & closure. I recommend Alaska Dog Works for working dogs, or that special pet. The bond between a dog and a person is enhanced by proper training of dog and human!
Rags is my spirit animal! After successfully training my first dog through group classes, including Agility, our second dog, Rags, gave us quite a different experience! Pretty quickly into having Rags, we knew she was not going to be trained in a group setting and I began panicking and reaching out. I quickly found AK Dog works and have not regretted my decision. Michele and Nicole have been working with us (training the humans, along with Rags). They have incorporated the fact that I have a second, very attached dog and that Rags is mostly my preteen daughters' dog (the type that puts in half the work-eyes rolling.) Rags has successfully gone through the program, along with extra one on one sessions in public settings to help prepare her for CGC. We are still working on typical adolescent dog behaviors but we have more of a grasp of how to handle Rags and everyday life. Michele and Nicole are readily available for continued questions and support. I have recommended this program to several families and I use our training daily with both of our dogs.
Jessica Sears
Great coverage! Robert, Toni and Michele's podcast were the best thing to wake up to in the morning.
Chris Boeckhaus
Robert is an incredibly thoughtful, thorough, sincere interviewer. He cares about his listeners and sharing knowledge with them. It was a pleasure to be on his show!
Renee Alsarraf
Author and Veterinarian
Robert Forto combines decades of knowledge about dogs, mushing, and canine training with a natural enthusiasm for all dog-related topics. He brings a consistently fresh perspective and curiosity to all the subjects he tackles and is always eager to share his passion for dogs and the outdoors with his audience.
Thank you Robert and Kourosh for the podcast interview. Clyde Mayo
Clyde Mayo
We listened to the latest couple episodes today as we drove to Quartzsite, AZ and we enjoyed the Iditarod insights. Thank you!
Dan Burl
I’ve been listening and love it
Becky Kent
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Honestly I could listen to you two talk about dog sledding for hours!
Aaron Walker@sturgidson
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I dig when you guys go long!
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Podcast have no time limit, it's why I love them. Talk away, we'll keep listening.
I cannot speak highly enough of the excellent communication, consistent engagement, observance of detail, and overall support provided by AK Dog Works. I enrolled my 6 month old German Wire Hair Pointer in their three week camp. When we dropped Monte off, he was eager to please and trainable, but still had several bad habits (such as chewing, short attention span, overstimulation in crowds, etc). We picked him up and remarked at this vastly elongated attention span, observance of commands, and ZERO chewing habits. AK Dog works ensures that we were comfortable with all new commands and training. There was a 45 minute review at pick up, a course to complete once home, and a two week follow-up visit to ensure that all parties were still on the same page. I was impressed before, but then AK Dog Works came through above and beyond, yet again. We had last minute travel needs that arose, and since we had recently picked up Monte from AK Dog Works camp, we were worried he would lose his new skills at an boarding facility. I reached out to Michelle and team and inquired at the potential of boarding with them. She described her (very affordable) Board and Work Program, and we dropped Monte off for a week with only three days notice. Clearly, I am a fan. If you are looking for a safe, challenging, and fun place to train or board your pups, look no further than AK Dog Works! Thanks to Michelle and Team for exceeding all expectations.
Lindsey Wilkens
Alaska Dog Works not only has a fantastic training program that helped develop our 10 month old viszla into a well behaved companion for my wife and I but there’s no other boarding service I trust more than Michelle and her Family. Our pup is treated like a member of their family and gets the same care and affection. He also the same expectations set of him, which means that unlike some other boarding locations he comes back even better behaved and socialized with other dogs in healthy and productive ways. Overall they are flexible, extremely competent, and there’s no one else I trust with my dog more than Alaska Dog Works.
Bradley M.
Alaskan Dog works was a great investment. Michele and her team are excellent trainers. If you follow the program you will have a well behaved dog. My dog came back from camp happy and listening and ready to show what she learned. So if you got a puppy and don’t quite know what to do, just call Michele. 😁
Tamika Anderson-Glaze
Thank you for the great interview!
Juliana Nosidek Alberto Vollweiller
Thanks to you for making this show!!
Amélie Janin
Loved listening! Brought me way back.
Stephanie Watson
Highly recommend AK Dog Works for anyone needing dog training. The program is great as it was easy to follow and it works. My 5 year old German Shepherd Husky mix did very well with dog trainer Nicole and has learned a lot. I am definitely more confident training my dog as the program and trainer gave me the confidence I needed.
Jessica McCray
Sue Bulanda
Sue Bulanda
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My experience as a guest on Robert's radio show was 100% fun and informative. I highly recommend his show as being very professional, highest quality and helpful to his listening audience.
Amy Hisaoka
Amy Hisaoka
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Robert runs a great radio show that is informative and timely. There is lots of great information on all dog topics that people want to hear about. I was a guest on his show, and he was professional and courteous. Thanks Robert!
Julian Myers
Julian Myers@username
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It was a pleasure working with Robert on his Dog Works Radio Show. He obviously cares a lot about the well being of dogs and knows how important training is...not only for the dogs, but for the owners as well. His continuous work in educating pet owners on how to be the best pet owner they can be is commendable. I'd be Robert's guest on Dog Works Radio again in a heartbeat.
Dizz was 4.5 months old when she went to puppy boot camp, she was starting to get really voicie and came back much calmer and easier to train. Highly recommend their training program, will be going back for advanced training later.
Steve Haight
I have been listening to this show for several years. Interesting topics and the hosts are very likable.
Robert Forto combines decades of knowledge about dogs, mushing, and canine training with a natural enthusiasm for all dog-related topics. He brings a consistently fresh perspective and curiosity to all the subjects he tackles and is always eager to share his passion for dogs and the outdoors with his audience.
Alex Stein
In retirement we got an AussieDoodle puppy. She has a LOT of energy, and in spite of walking her 5-10 miles every day, she was still unable to settle down. Spoke to Michelle for a consult, who said we were trying to tire her out PHYSICALLY, but she needed to be challenged MENTALLY with training. Our efforts to do the right thing with our dog needed assistance. We scheduled RBG for AK Dog Works—the Ascent Program—2 weeks of on site training. She came back to us kennel trained, responsive to commands, and much calmer and settled. We have attended numerous group classes for “tune-ups” which are available to us for the rest of RB’s life for no charge. Thanks to Michelle and Nicole (her daughter) for setting us on the path to RBG’s AKC Good citizen certification—which she now will be able to achieve! We could not be happier with the results of her training!
Anne Dailey
I am fortunate to witness Robert Forto’s independent creative commitment. His podcast skills continue to grow as well as his influence and community. Robert has a unique gift for breaking complex topics down in an informative and entertaining way. Robert also can treat others well, which seems to be a lost art form.
Jared Easley
Podcaster and Event Promoter
What a great interview! Evergreen Seppala Siberians
Evergreen Seppala Siberians
Love your coverage of Quince Mountain, Blair and the #uglydogs. Good job. Listening to your podcasts is getting my mind off the virus. Thank you, keep it going.
Lee Ward
Thank you!
Kim Schlosser
Alaska Dog Works has been an amazing help in the training of my young dog. He became very reactive and difficult to work with on a daily basis earlier this year. I started working with Michele and she has been integral in getting him listen and respond. Michele is quickly available when you are having issue or questions. Through Alaska Dog Works Im working with the smart well trained pup I needed. If you’re having issues with your dogs behavior or a break down in your communication this is the place to go!
Denya Koehler
R Ferrer@Reblogga
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This episode has such a lovely feature about the #UglyDogs, I second everything Toni said! Proud to know you all. You are so kind to include it @robertforto !
Missy Wooded@Missy_Woford
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(I might have cried a little, but I laughed a lot) Toni and Robert, you may have also given me a new thing (sea ice!!!) to be nervous about too! 😳😬 (Thanks a lot you two!) 😅😝
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Enjoying your show, I listen to it every morning. Would love it if you'd interview a vet or talk about the process they go through checking every dog. What do they check for and how? Saw a vet pulling on a dog's fur (hydration check) and made me curious what all they do.
Our Luna is a 7 mo old Karelian Bear Dog who is independent, stubborn and high energy. Michelle did a great job training her in basic obedience, while at the same time teaching us how to continue reinforcing and building off of what Luna had learned. I'm pretty sure we would have not made it through the first 6 months of puppy chaos if we had tried to go it alone. I highly recommend Michelle and the Alaska Dog Works program.
Sheryl Wagner
Robert is a critical part of our podcast. As we were getting started, his advice and guidance allowed me to get started on the right path. He continues to be available for advice or discussion to constantly improve our content and promoting our podcast. Partnering with Robert Forto and Dog Works Radio was one of our best decisions!
Dan Kirkup
Michele is an awesome dog trainer! I have a chow/husky mix, she gave me direction on how to put the stubborn little fella on a path of obedience. I’m not saying he’s perfect but the building blocks are in place and he’ll be a great companion for years to come! Also if you’re looking at getting into skijoring/bikejoring with your pup and have no idea where to start, guess what, Michele can help you out there as well. Very pleased with the training and support we received!
Michael Christie
Such a great interview!!! I received her book, “this much Country” for Christmas from my daughter who lives in Anchorage. It’s definitely a captivating storyline that draws you into it. I’m enjoying it tremendously. Thank you for this delightful interview with Kristin Knight Pace.
Gloria Jean Jansma
Love to listen to your show from Swedish lappland ♥️
Thomas Minnich
Meet you some day in Alaska 💪 Lindy Lou
Lindy Lou
When we rescued our male Newfoundland at 4 years old he was pretty used to doing what he wanted. Michelle worked with us at our home before he went to her home for 'boot camp'. We have a completly different dog. He now listens and walks beautiful. From a handful to an eager boy. Thank you Michelle! Bob Paula and Argo!
Bob and Paula
I had a specific issue I wanted addressed with my dog so had the phone consultation and was told she needed the Ascent program. To save her spot I needed to pay $300 which I did. The first visit wasn't scheduled for a few weeks and in that time period I tried to find out what the Ascent program would teach her, and if they would address the specific issue I wanted addressed. I never got a good answer with any details. I was uncomfortable going any further so forfeited my deposit. They may be awesome trainers but the communication made me uncomfortable as to what I was getting my dog into.
Mary O'Donnell
By the time Heidi and I met Michele and Robert, I had already spent thousands of dollars on two local trainers who had quickly given up on my reactive 3 year old GSD. Michele created a program specifically for Heidi, building on her strengths while modifying her behavior. Thanks to Alaska Dog Works Heidi is living her best life!
Krista Wood
These people are amazing!!! They helped train 8 therapy dogs/handlers for a pilot program at the school my children attend. They have been working with us for almost 2 years to make this happen!!! They are very professional, personable, and knowledgeable!!! They are not a train and run company!!! They are always available day or night to answer questions long after the classes are complete! They offer a variety of programs but are happy to customize one for your specific needs!!!
Renee F.
Wasilla, AK
I met with Michele and Alaska Dog works a little over two years ago after being wounded in Afghanistan. She took the time to sit down with me and figure out directly what areas we would focus on and what service dog would be best suited for me. Michele and Nicole Forto are great at what they do with a couple months in my service dog Gunner was advancing nicely. Alaska dog works took the time to make sure I learned the commands well, and became that confident leader I still needed to be with my dog and walked me through the process doing training in all types of situations and areas. I now have a certified service dog that helps me in my everyday life tasks and couldn't be anymore thank full to Alaska Dog works for taking Gunner on and making him what he is now because who knows where I'd be without him. To this day they still continue to if anything is needed or if there is a simple question. Would recommend Alaska dog works to anyone and I always do when someone asks where did your dog get trained? I tell them give Alaska dog works a call
Danny K.
Nick J.
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Good trainers and great programs for your dog.
Lynn W.
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Michele is an awesome trainer! She did a great job with our puppy and set him up for success.
I have to start this review off by saying this is the best place I could ever take my dogs to. Over the course of a year after adopting a puppy from the shelter, my partner and I struggled with so many, "puppy classes" and "dog training" facilities to get our pup trained. Unfortunately, it did more harm to his anxiety and ability to stay focused than anything. I felt hopeless until I found Alaska Dog Works. Such a friendly and understanding group of people. Michele had so much patience with teaching us the behaviors and signs to look for in our pup and the steps it took to correct the negative and praise the positive behaviors. It took a little bit (due to our pup being stubborn) but she didn't give up!! I actual almost went into tears when my partner was able to walk him through homedepot with us while we shopped. 8 months ago we didn't think we could possibly bring him to a public place!! Thank you so much Alaska Dog Works!!
Robin H.
Anchorage, AK
Chris Boeckhaus@cboeckhaus
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I’ll make the proper attribution in the future. BTW, third or fourth year following the race and once again, great coverage from your team. VERY INFORMATIVE.
Missy Woford@Missy_Woford
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Did I just get *ridiculously* excited hearing "Dog Works Radio..." for the first time this season? Yes. Yes I did. 😁😁
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a magical #twittermoment : we ( @doglandpowerdog ) met @robertforto of @DogWorksRadio out of Alaska and had a rad chat! It was a blast to meet folx devoted to dogs & to talk about screen-free options for kids & families, to also hype @kids_listen
Michelle did an amazing job with our dog Thunder. She helped get to the root of the problems, so we could deal with the cause and not just manage the symptoms. She not only trained our timid golden, but also trained us in how to handle him to be successful to minimize confusion and frustration After the peak performance program we now have a dog who listens to commands, has improved recall, significant improvement in his level of confidence, and good leash skills. I can now walk both of my 80+ pound dogs at the same time. We are so thankful to Alaska Dog Works for helping us so we have many happy years with our fur baby.
Kameran Emerson
I've always not only enjoyed listening to Terry Streeper, total inspiration for me ever since Lake Placid. Good stuff. I wish all to listen through. Have a great season guys. Roy Smith
Roy Smith
Great interview
Jerry Scdoris
New things to listen too 💪
Hunt n Trail
Michelle helped us tremendously. She is like the dog whisperer. Our dog is high energy with leash reactivity. She is also very protective. Before, only my husband walked her, because I could not handle her. Now I can take her on walks without stress. Our dog now listens well to not only myself and my husband, but our young children. We have to be consistent, as the dog is only 2, but we are so happy with how far we have come in this short time.
Christina “CvƵ” von Ziegesar
Michelle is such a wonderful person! She is incredibly knowledgeable about all breeds and knows how to handle every situation that occurs! We added an Alaskan malamute to our family and she helped with obedience training and biting with him. He came back to our house an improved furbaby! I 100% recommend Michelle. We will be using her services continuously since we have decided to do the therapy dog program with out Alaskan malamute. Thanks Michelle!😁.
Sandy Kristjansson
Michele and her family worked very hard to ensure mine and my dog's needs were met through their dog training program, Alaska Dog Works. I called Michele in search of help for my 3 year old Husky/Karelian Bear Dog mix to assist me as my service dog, as recommended by my doctor. After being turned away & discouraged by other trainers because of the age and breed of my dog I was beginning to think it was impossible. Michele promptly returned my call, listened to my situation, explained the challenges we would face and described a path to overcome the obstacles. Michele was kind and loving to me. When challenges arose, she doubled down on attention, guidance, support, and encouragement. Though it's required hard work by me and from my dog- Raven, Michele's intuition, patience, & ability to communicate a way for Raven, & me to understand each other, we were able to reach the goals we set out for. Raven is smart and loyal, and now she is recognized as my Service Dog and able to give me the help I need. Michele has made it possible by teaching us. It takes a lot of time and energy, & you get out of it what you put into it, But I can verify Alaska Dog Works will be there to do their part to ensure you have the means.
Carrie Miller
Power Dog Adventures@doglandpowerdog
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Replying to @robertforto @podbeancom and @DogWorksRadio It was so lovely talking to you, @robertforto ! Thank you, awooooooooo!
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Great podcast giving you everything DOGS in Alaska.
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Amazing podcast! Highly recommend!
Great Interviews! Dan Curtain
Don Curtain
Thank you for taking time to tell the stories of these back of the pack mushers. I love how carefully you choose and share their tales. Excellent work, as always.
Patti Christensen
Thank you so much for having Cara. She had a PAWSome time!
Paws With a Cause
We are currently in the training program with our lab/husky mix. Michelle is proving to be awesome. She sees us at our house every 2 weeks and provides us with the teaching material and knowledge to enable us to continue to train our dog. We have had a great experience and highly recommend her to you..
Bob Ramsey
How can you not love this show dedicated to dogs of all kinds? The hosts are warm, friendly, and funny. Are they also dogs? Maybe! ❤️🐶🐾 🦴
Wonderful podcast on dog mushing Thank you for this wonderfully informative and entertaining podcast. I've only recently found this podcast as I was looking for reporting on the Iditarod this year. I have already learned so much about the race, the mushers, and the dogs.
Sepals love your show You have a great podcast with a professional presentation. I think you are the only year round mushing podcast and I never miss an episode. It was an honor to be a guest, representing the Seppala.
Alaska Dog Works helped me with obedience training for both of my dogs, one of which I was SURE was just crazy and uncontrollable and that's how it was going to be with him. I worked with Michele Forto weekly at my home, at her home, and in public places like University Lake Park. After just 2 private lessons with her my dog was walking properly on a leash and not dragging me around. After 5 private lessons both of my dogs were not only walking properly on a leash, but they were listening and attentive to every command. My dogs finally knew who the boss was and it has made my life with my dogs so much more enjoyable. I no longer have to repeatedly tell my dogs what to do (sit, stay, come, off, down); I say the command ONE TIME! Michele has been a miracle worker for me and my huskies and I couldn't be happier with the service that Alaska Dog Works has provided!
Vanessa Anderson
Always an amazing experience. I'm a slope worker so my dog has to be boarded quite often for extended periods of time. I know that every time he gets picked up he's in the best hands. I get updates with photos that make being away so much easier. I know they treat him like a family member. I will not use anyone else to take care of my fur baby.
Tyler Cowan
Ross-Tammy Martin Saunderson
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The program is interesting and informative!
Kevin Penney
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Showed up late to the game for the Serum Run podcast, stayed for the other quality dog related content.
I enjoy your show. Your subjects are always interesting! Carol Brown
Carol Brown
Love ♥️ Sue Irwin
Sue Irwin
Fantastic interview. Best one yet I think. The feeling and the passion really came through.
Billy Allen
Seems to be the only legitimate place to get you and your dog on the right track properly here in Alaska. Their training plans are though out and require commitment, financial and time (which if you want a dog and you to have a proper relationship, IS what you would be looking for from a trainer. )
Nichole Sandahl
When I was given the opportunity to raise this little fur ball, Dually, as a service dog I didn't know what to expect. I was nervous I would mess something up. Alaska Dog Works, Robert Forto, and Michele Forto reassured me I would do great and have been there to help me every step of the way! Dually is growing everyday and always learning new things! We have skied and climbed mountains, driven miles in the car, snuggled, walked around farmers markets, explored Lowes, learned how to be the best fishing partner, been on boat rides, learned how to swim, plus many other adventures! Dually will be an amazing service dog for Cory Stanley! Being a puppy raiser is an incredible experience knowing that Dually will go on to help someone who needs him!
Miranda Sheely
Michele has been amazing support for ME and has been great with our puppy! Still working on training, but things are going really great so far!.
Casey Randall
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Robert and his co-hots do a great job interviewing their guests! Thank you for bringing more people to the world of dog powered sports
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Love it!!!
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As a dog owner, this is my new favorite podcast! Love it!
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These podcasts have been so fun and informative! Great job by all three hosts!
Both of my dogs have benefited from the one on one dog training. She is also responsive to follow up questions that we have had.
Sandy Powers
More invested in their clients' and their dogs, I cannot find. Whatever you need to attain your goals with your dog, they are there to help you realize it. They take a personal relationship with every client.
Sharon Lauer
Amazing trainers! Caring and compassionate! Michelle, Nicole, and Robert treat you like family! I wouldn't recommend anyone else!
Mike Carnahan
Trainer was very upfront and honest regarding potential for successful training of my dog
Vicki Meyers
What a fabulous show! Robert Forto that was a fabulous show! What she described was exactly how we describe of well trained, ex- show horses! We call them "schoolmasters" and those very well trained & experienced horses become teachers to the humans who are "rookies" to the discipline of dressage riding. And boy the excitement that comes, when the "rookie"/ amateur rider gets when the schoolmaster horse actually "performs" the very thing the rider asks for! They can't believe it! I would "re-title" those experienced sled dogs as: schoolmasters!!! "Experienced trainers teach inexperienced horses & experienced horses teach inexperienced riders!" A very successful & proven method.😉 BTW, as long time breeders & trainers of sport horses, we enjoyed her explanation of how they began! My husband and I were just talking about this today in our barn while preparing to ride our 3rd generation stallion. We were talking mushing dogs, breeding & how they aquired equipment and dogs when first starting out. Lol.. pretty much exactly what we did & with horses it takes much longer. 😉 Wonderful stuff! I share this with many of my followers, dogs & horses alike, but our equestrian people are super interested amazingly! They just didn't realize what it takes to get involved & the expense astounds them! So your podcast about mushing has gotten a whole bunch more newbies listening! 🤗😁 Deb
Alaska Dog Works helped me with obedience training for both of my dogs, one of which I was SURE was just crazy and uncontrollable and that's how it was going to be with him. I worked with Michele Forto weekly at my home, at her home, and in public places like University Lake Park. After just 2 private lessons with her my dog was walking properly on a leash and not dragging me around. After 5 private lessons both of my dogs were not only walking properly on a leash, but they were listening and attentive to every command. My dogs finally knew who the boss was and it has made my life with my dogs so much more enjoyable. I no longer have to repeatedly tell my dogs what to do (sit, stay, come, off, down); I say the command ONE TIME! Michele has been a miracle worker for me and my huskies and I couldn't be happier with the service that Alaska Dog Works has provided!
Vanessa Anderson
I can't say anything bad about Alaska Dog Works. They go the extra mile. We were blessed to have them help us with training and helping us find a dog. My son who is autistic has done a 360 since we had the service dog. His service dog goes everywhere. If we have questions Alaska Dog Works are always willing to answer them and if my son has questions they take time and answer his questions and make feel like he is a person. Not like something is wrong with him. We are very blessed to have worked with them and still are.
Evelyn V.
I took my dog to Alaska Dog Works for training and it was a fantastic experience. The trainers were professional and had a great understanding of dog behavior. They provided effective training techniques that helped my dog learn new commands. The facility was clean and well-maintained. I would definitely recommend Alaska Dog Works to others.
Amitabh Thakur
I had a really good experience with Alaska Dog Works. The trainers were attentive and professional. They provided great tips and guidance that helped in training my dog. The facility was clean and well-maintained. Overall, it was a positive experience and I would recommend them to others.
Matt Walsh
I recently used Alaska Dog Works for training my new puppy and I couldn't be happier with the results. The trainers were knowledgeable, patient, and really understood my dog's needs. They used positive reinforcement techniques that helped my puppy learn quickly and enjoy the training sessions. The facility was clean and well-maintained, creating a safe environment for both me and my dog. I highly recommend Alaska Dog Works to anyone in need of professional dog training. They are the best!
Ann Knight
👍 Alaska Dog Works is amazing! The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and caring. They provided excellent training for my dog and helped address behavioral issues. The sessions were fun and engaging. My dog has made significant progress and I'm really happy with the results. Highly recommend! 🐶
Charmaine Zercher
🐾 Alaska Dog Works is simply the best! The trainers are knowledgeable, patient, and genuinely care about the dogs they work with. They provide a positive atmosphere for both the dogs and their owners. The training programs are tailored to each dog's needs, making it a great learning experience. My dog has become more obedient and well-behaved thanks to their training. Highly recommend! 👍
Nicole Orlosky
The dog training service I received was top-notch. The trainers were experienced and their techniques were effective in helping my dog improve his behavior. I particularly appreciated their patience and dedication throughout the entire training process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for professional dog training. This place truly knows how to train dogs.
Michelle Levitt
I recently had the pleasure of working with a dog training company for my new puppy, and I can say that they were excellent. The trainers were very knowledgeable and patient with my puppy, and they taught him some great skills. The training facility was clean and well-maintained, and the staff was friendly and professional. I highly recommend this company for anyone looking for dog training services.
🐾 I absolutely love Alaska Dog Works! They have the most caring and knowledgeable trainers who genuinely love dogs. The training programs are tailored to each dog's individual needs and the trainers make sure to create a positive and fun environment for both the dogs and their owners. My dog has made so much progress since we started training with them. I couldn't be happier with the results! Highly recommend! 🐶
Russ Sealy

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