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Body of Knowledge | Dog Works Training Company

Body of Knowledge is the collected wisdom, experience, processes and facts that both inform a profession and provide the solid foundation for which continuous improvements and innovation can occur. 

Dog Works Training Company’s Body of Knowledge consists of the information, knowledge and functional skills we have identified that all dog trainers should posses.¬†

The Body of Knowledge is built on the foundation of the six core competencies as outlined by the Association for Pet Dog Trainers.

1. Animal Learning

2. Human Learning

3. Canine Behavior

4. Health and Nutrition

5. Business

6. Laws and Regulations 

The goal of this Body of Knowledge is fourfold:

1. To serve as the foundational benchmark for which DWTC and APDT education is aligned to ensure offerings are well-rounded and through

2. To serve as a standard by which professional dog trainers assess their own ongoing education

3. To serve as the guiding content which all provides of dog training and behavior-related educational rescues will strive to provide

4. To inform the clients of DWTC of our willingness to provide professional dog training and behavior-related services to the best of our ability through our continued effort and maximizing our knowledge and information and staying abreast of the current resources in the industry.