train your dog not to jump

Train your Dog to Stop Jumping on People

There are a few reasons why your dog jumps up on you. Dog’s are used to greeting each other nose to nose because they are the same height and when they greet us they jump to try to reach us to get our attention.

The second reason is he is taking charge and is the pack leader of your home. Dogs need a clear pack leader who leads by showing assertive and calm energy. If this is lacking on your part then your dog takes the role of pack leader that can cause you and your dog’s life to become very hard to live with. You must always be the pack leader in your dog’s life so you do not confuse him and have this lead to your dog becoming anxious and hyper. When your dog respects you as his pack leader he will follow your commands.

Your dog wants to get your attention so he can greet you and have you pet him. When you greet your dog his front feet should be on the floor. Then the moment his feet land on the floor give your dog attention. Ignore your dog if when you enter he jumps up on you. Do not push him or say “get off” just look over his head and stand up straight and pull your arms and hands up to your chest. Turn away if your dog keeps jumping on you. Wait until he puts his paws on the floor and follows you. When he does tell him quietly “good boy” and pet his head. Pull your hand away if when you touch him he jumps up and as you did before ignore him and stand up straight until his feet are on the floor. Then pet him again. Your dog will then realize that he will get affection and attention from you and everyone he meets when his feet are on the floor.

If your dog jumps up as you enter a room, quickly step back outside and close the door behind you, but leave a crack so you can see him and tell him to “Sit.” Walk back into the room after your dog sits and kneel down and pet him. Go out of the room and close the door behind you if your dog jumps up again and continue this training several times until your dog stops jumping up on you.

Another way to stop your dog from jumping up on you is to say “Off” while you stand still and look straight ahead while your arms and hands are near your chest. Then take a few steps carefully towards your dog, he will jump back to get out of your way. When his paws are on the floor say “Sit” and again pet him calmly while you kneel down. Repeat this several times if your dog continues to jump up on you.

When your dog has mastered his training he needs to learn how to greet visitors without jumping up on them. Invite friends and family over to practice the same training with them to enter a room or the house. Explain the training process with them. Have your friend ring the bell or knock on the door as you go to the door with your dog to answer it. Tell your dog to “Sit” before you open the door, then open the door and if he does not sit your friend will know what to do if your dog jumps up on them. Your friend can greet your dog if he stays sitting and you can give him a treat and praise him.

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