Do you want your dog to be one of the best trained dogs in Alaska?

Our Peak Performance program is unique. One of a kind.

It has been used by dog owners across Alaska and around the country. It has been successful with big dogs and little dogs.

It has works for owners that are experienced with dogs to first time pet parents.

Our Peak Performance program has had MAJOR success in solving all sorts of behavioral problems too! Problems like anxiety (whining, barking, pacing, separation), house training problems, destruction problems, jumping, not coming when called, leash pulling, and so much more.

This program has worked for dogs that are four months old all the way to a twelve-year-old dog.

The reason why we have so much success is that it sets the right foundation. It helps your dog think right and teaches you how to understand your dog.

Most dog training programs and dog trainers address the problem as it occurs. While this isn’t wrong, it ignores the root of the problem.

Our Peak Performance program solves the root cause. It helps establish the right relationship with your dog, helps your dog become a problem solver and make the right choices, and helps both you and your dog work together as a team.

Our program has three options: Peak Performance Camp Program, Handlers Program and Puppy Program, it can be customized to your exact needs. Whether we are talking about a dog who simply needs to stop jumping and pulling on a leash or a dog that has behavioral problems, this program can help you and your dog.

Read on to see more information on this program including articles on how we train, success stories, and even an extensive preview into the program and how it works.

Get your dog to listen and obey your every command

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Difficult to walk on a leash?

Constant pulling when walking?

Uncontrollable barking?

Aggression with other dogs or people?

Bitting or nipping?

Very Stubborn?

Digging holes?

Lack of basic obedience? 

The Dog Training Experts in Alaska and Beyond

We are Dog Works Training Company and Alaska Dog Works, professional dog trainers located in Willow, Alaska offering obedience training, camp, puppy training, behavior modification and much more.


Why US?

Dog Works Training Company and Alaska Dog Works covers all of Alaska, off and on the road system and beyond… 

Our team has collectively trained and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs of all temperaments, ages, breeds, and sizes.

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5-Star Rated, Professional, Reasonably Priced and Experienced

Michele is such a wonderful person! She is incredibly knowledgeable about all breeds and knows how to handle every situation that occurs! We added an Alaskan Malamute to our family and she helped with obedience training and biting with him. I 100% recommend Michele.
Sandy K.
Amazing trainers! Caring and compassionate! Michele, Nicole and Robert treat you like family. I would not recommend anyone else.
Mike C.
Always and amazing experience. I am a slope worker so my dog has been boarded quite a bit for extended periods of time. I know that every time he gets picked up he’s in the best hands. I know they will treat him like a family member.
Tyler C.

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Dog Works Training Company

We are Dog Works Training Company and Alaska Dog Works, professional dog trainers located in Willow, Alaska offering obedience training, camp, puppy training, behavior modification and much more.

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