Training at Alaska Dog Works

Do you want your dog to be one of the best trained dogs in Alaska?

Our Peak Performance program is unique. One of a kind.

It has been used by dog owners across Alaska and around the country. It has been successful with big dogs and little dogs.

It has works for owners that are experienced with dogs to first time pet parents.

Our Peak Performance program has had MAJOR success in solving all sorts of behavioral problems too! Problems like anxiety (whining, barking, pacing, separation), house training problems, destruction problems, jumping, not coming when called, leash pulling, and so much more.

This program has worked for dogs that are four months old all the way to a twelve-year-old dog.

The reason why we have so much success is that it sets the right foundation. It helps your dog think right and teaches you how to understand your dog.

Most dog training programs and dog trainers address the problem as it occurs. While this isn’t wrong, it ignores the root of the problem.

Our Peak Performance program solves the root cause. It helps establish the right relationship with your dog, helps your dog become a problem solver and make the right choices, and helps both you and your dog work together as a team.

Our program has three options: Peak Performance Camp Program, Handlers Program and Puppy Program, it can be customized to your exact needs. Whether we are talking about a dog who simply needs to stop jumping and pulling on a leash or a dog that has behavioral problems, this program can help you and your dog.

Read on to see more information on this program including articles on how we train, success stories, and even an extensive preview into the program and how it works.

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We also invite you to check out these articles that outline how we train here at Alaska Dog Works

Why Alaska Dog Works?

How we Train?

A Simple Sit

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See what others are saying about our training program

I have never seen a service like this work so hard to change peoples lives. This family cares so much about these dogs and about the people who will be caring for them after their training. So much time, patience and sacrifice is made every single day to make sure that each dog gets what they need and deserve to develop into all that they can be…..thank you for sharing your gifts with these animals and their handlers. You are all amazing!!!

~Nicole S.

Just wanted to thank you for your work with Chiarelli last March.  He’s returned home to me, he is exactly the dog I wanted. Well behaved. Loving. My best buddy. You all did an amazing job!
~Sarah J.

Thank you so much for the hard work and giving me a well mannered companion….one who does not terrorize my older pup, myself, my husband and anyone who meets him. You guys are the best. I give you 10 stars out of five. Forever grateful!

~Nicole M.

Had 1st successful walk with my two large breed dogs thanks to only one session with Robert! Can’t wait for our next lesson.

~Cat J.

This is an awesome team! Love them!

~Harold H.

Alaska Dog Works is phenomenal. Michele and Robert care so much about what they do and it really shows! They have done a tremendous job with my Boomer. We didn’t fully know what we were getting into with a husky, but Michele has done an amazing job turning him into a well-behaved dog! I will forever be grateful to her and Robert for all they have done for us.

~Vanessa A.

Alaska Dog Works has my full support and unmeasurable thanks for Thorr my new serviceDog! I have C. P. With lots of balance and mobility issues along with extreme ADHD. I lost my service dog of 10yrs (pico) over a year ago and was crushed! I was again crushed and disapointed in the system and other “service dogTraining” companies in Alaska and outside Alaska as I either recived no response or indifeance until I recived a return call from Micele Forto of Alaska dog works! She listened to my story, my needs and situation then went the extra mile and helped me along with an Alaska State agency(The Division of vocational rehabilitation) to do something that has never been done anywhere!!!! We worked together and wrote up a plan for funding and why this kind of help is sorely needed!

This plan was presented to the state and approved! Alaska Dog Works helped to break new ground to help people with disabilities recieve help in obtaining top of the line sevice Dogs! I flew from Sitka AK to Anchorage on April 25th 2014 and then with the help of friends traveled to Alaska Dog Works in Willow AK to pick up THORR, Michele Forto worked with me and THORR throughout the weekend in willow and Wassilla. THORR is 11 months old and with everything (including me) being brand new Took to every thing perfectly His training, demienor ect. is unbelivable! O April 29th I flew Back to Sitka on Alaska Airlines (THORR with me, not in a crate under the plane) but With me through the busy terminal, security check point and onto the airplane where he laid at my feet the whole 4hr trip. even being invited into the cockpit for a picture with the pilot with not one problem at all (PERFECT!) Since returning home THORR has adapted to my chaotic lifestyle without a hitch and has done his job perfectly and is at my side or at my feet 24/7 (helping me up when needed and saving me from some falls and new bruises a few times lol.) I could not be happier or more satified with the great job Alaska Dog Works Did with the training of my Service dog And the ongoing help, support and friendship I have recieved! ANYONE LOOKING FOR DOG TRAINING SHOULD LOOK TO ALASKA DOG WORKS FIRST! Feel free to look at the pictures on my FB page or contact me for a recomendation or questions.

~Eric S.

Michele – THANK You!!

~Marlo C.

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