Excellent Reasons to Give Your Dog a Boring Human Name

Sometimes, giving your pup a regular old human name is the way to go! For example, if you choose something like Bob or Jack, you’ll get the benefit of blending into a crowd. Your pup will be just another Bob/Jack in the park and no one will be able to tell by their name that they’re special snowflakes! Plus, it’s an easy way to make them sound more professional when meeting new people; instead of introducing Fido or Rover, you can introduce Bob and make it sound much classier. And who doesn’t love a good classic? We say give your pup a boring human name for maximum versatility – after all, your four-legged friend should always look stylish no matter the occasion.

Furthermore, giving your dog a human name can make it easier for them to understand commands. No need to try and decipher what Bow-Wow means when they’re used to responding to Bob! And if you have more than one pup, having names that are similar will help avoid confusion in the house. Sure, everyone loves a good-themed litter of puppies but if it’s easy on the ears then even better! All in all, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple and going with a boring old human name – after all, your pup is anything but boring! So why not? Go ahead and give Fido a real person’s name today! He deserves it.

Here are some ideas:

  1. To see how long it takes your co-workers to realize you are talking about your dog and not a significant other, “Dave and I were watching a movie in bed the other night.”
  2. Or about a kid, “Maria is not allowed to eat raisins , she is allergic.”
  3. You can use them as an excuse, “Taylor hates it when I get home too late.”
  4. Eventually, you get to say things like “Jennifer got tuck between the wall and the refrigerator again.”
Happy Naming!
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