The 100 Best Military Dog Names of 2022

Atten-hut, soldiers! If you’ve got a new dog in your life, you’ll want to give them a name they can be proud of—and what’s prouder than the United States Armed Forces? Maybe you come from a military family, adopted your pup on Memorial Day, or just want to show your respect to the troops. No matter the reason, these military dog names are perfect, whether you have one tough mutt-er or a pocket-sized pup with the soul of a war dog.

From the names of famous fighting dogs to choices inspired by each of the military branches, you’ll find the perfect dog name on this list.

Army Dog Names

If you’re a fan of the U.S. Army, you can give your dog a name to show it—no boot camp required.


The official name for the tank that transports troops and covers soldiers with its firepower is the Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV). Admit it, it’s a pretty cool name for a big, stocky dog.


Among the ranks of officers, a captain is responsible for company-sized units, which may have as many as 170 soldiers. It’s a big job, a bit like being top dog in your home.


Another type of army vehicle, this one is used for reconnaissance and combat support. It’s a perfect Army dog name if you’ve got a pup who’s always looking out for you (and danger).


General Custer is most famously known for his last battle, the Battle of Little Bighorn, but before that he was a hero in the Civil War.


Elsie Ott joined the Army Nurse Corps in 1941, and became instrumental in helping to evacuate wounded personnel from the battlefields during World War II.


This is the rank above captain, and carries a lot of responsibility. And we all know your dog is a major deal.


This cross between a truck and a jeep is a multipurpose armored vehicle that was designed to be resistant to mine blasts. But it’s also one badass military dog name for your pup.

Sarah Emma

By pretending she was a man, Sarah Emma Edmonds was able to join the infantry and fight in the Civil War, where she served as a nurse and a spy.


In the army, sergeants are the ones who command small teams of soldiers. Let’s hope your pup won’t be bossing you around (much).


The name Southerners gave soldiers from the North during the Civil War, as well as the word for the letter Y in the NATO phonetic alphabet, which soldiers use as code when sending radio messages on the battlefield.

Marine Dog Names

The U.S. Marines have a reputation for being tough as nails and fierce fighters. What better inspiration for your new dog’s name?


She might have been best known as one of TV’s “Golden Girls,” but before Bea Arthur became an actress, she was a truck driver as well as a typist in the U.S. Marine Corps.


One of the fiercest fights in Marines history was the Battle of Belleau Wood during World War I. They fought so tenaciously the Germans nicknamed them the Devil Dogs. (Not that your dog will be a devil, of course.)


A four-star general in the U.S. Marine Corps, Walter E. Boomer led the Marines in the first Gulf War. Added bonus: This Marine dog name will give you an excuse to say “OK Boomer” pretty much all day long.


This Bulldog, officially known as Chesty XV, is the Marines’ official mascot.


A legendary hero of the Marine Corps, Master Gunnery Sergeant Leland Diamond fought in World Wars I and II, and was skilled at firing off mortar bombs.


The name of the Marines’ first Bulldog mascot, circa 1922.


This Shepherd-Husky mix was rescued by Marines stationed in Iraq, who kept him despite the no-pets rule.

Opha May

The first woman to become a Marine, in 1918, was Opha May Johnson, who became a sergeant and a clerk at Marine headquarters.


In 1943, Minnie Spotted-Wolf became the first Native American woman to enlist in the U.S. Marines. Raised on a ranch in Montana, she was so tough that she once said that boot camp was “hard, but not too hard.” If your pet is an equally tough cookie, this may be a great name for her.


The famous city named in the Marine’s Hymn.

Navy Dog Names

Consider these ship-shape names if you’ve got a seaworthy pup.


A famous Navy battle during World War II took place in the Empress Augusta Bay in the Southern Pacific. This battle is also known as Operation Cherry Blossom, so if Augusta sounds too formal for your furball, try the name Cherry.


People might think you named your dog after the “Sesame Street” character, but the name has a place in U.S. Navy history. Elmo Russell Zumwalt was the youngest man to serve as Chief of Naval Operations as well as become a 4-star admiral. His nickname was Bud, which is another great dog name.


The Battle of Lake Erie took place during the War of 1812, when the U.S. Navy defeated the British Navy.

Grace or Hopper

Grace Murray Hopper was known as “Amazing Grace,” for her part in inventing COBOL, an early computer programming language, as a U.S. Navy officer during World War II.


The USS New Jersey was the most decorated battleship in Navy history, from World War II through 1991.


The first ship to be converted to an aircraft carrier was the USS Langley, back in 1920.


A famous naval commander during the early days of the United States, Oliver Hazard Perry came from a Navy family, and was known for his zeal chasing pirates and the British during the War of 1812.


A petty officer is a rank in the U.S. Navy, one up from seaman (or sailor).

Navy SEAL Dog Names

These special forces are elite teams that operate in any environment, from sea to air to land. They are known for their daring missions, making these Navy SEAL dog names perfect for fearless pups.


This is the nickname of former Navy SEAL Christopher Courtley, who later became the host of Spike TV and Discovery TV’s “Surviving Disaster.”


Pro wrestler and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura was a Navy SEAL during the Vietnam War. If your pet loves to wrestle, then this is the name for them.


Chris Kyle was a sniper and Navy SEAL who served four tours in Iraq and authored the best seller “American Sniper,” which later became a movie starring Bradley Cooper. Give this one to your sharp-eyed pooch.


You might remember Rudy Boesch from TV’s “Survivor,” where he appeared in the first season and later in an All-Stars edition. But he was also one of the first SEALs, serving in the Vietnam War.

Scout or Raider

Before they were known as SEALs, these special forces were called Scouts and Raiders.


Michael Francis Troy was an Olympic champion swimmer who became a Navy SEAL during the Vietnam War, where he earned a Silver Star medal.

Coast Guard Dog Names

The U.S. Coast Guard is older than the U.S. Navy, and is responsible for patrolling and protecting ports and harbors. If your pup is protective and loves to guard the home, then consider one of these Coast Guard dog names.


The city in California and the site of a Coast Guard base.


An ensign is a junior officer in the Coast Guard, just under lieutenant.


Ida Lewis (her full name was Idawalley Zoradia) was a lighthouse keeper in Rhode Island who became famous for rescuing people trapped at sea. The Coast Guard honored her by naming a class of ships after her.


A Coast Guard captain, Miles Imlay commanded a group of World War II Coast Guard landing craft on D-Day.


A U.S. Coast Guard cutter that took part in many search-and-rescue missions, served in World War I, and chased down rum runners.


The Coast Guard’s most famous mascot served aboard the USCCG Campbell, where this mixed-breed pup stayed through numerous battles and adventures for eight years.


Another U.S. Coast Guard cutter, this one was based in Alaska, fought in the Pacific War, and was a convoy escort to protect other ships from German submarines.

Air Force Related Dog Names

The U.S. Air Force has always had a reputation for being tough guy-cool, thanks to such movies as “Top Gun” and “The Right Stuff.” Choose one of these names for your high-flying pup.


Buzz Aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon. But before he became an astronaut, he was a fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force in the Korean War.


Cannon Air Force Base is located in New Mexico, a beautiful place to fly a plane.


Colonel Eileen Collins joined the Air Force in 1979, served as a flight instructor and aircraft commander, then became the first woman to pilot a NASA space shuttle in 1995.


The Rockwell B-1 Lancer is a supersonic bomber used by the Air Force. Airmen call it the “bone” (after B-one), which makes this name perfect for dogs.


The name of the Air Force base in Montgomery, Alabama. Come to think of it, all three of those places would make great dog names!

Nemo A534

A combination of numbers and letters may seem like a strange name to give a dog. But Nemo A534 was a German Shepherd who served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War and saved the life of his handler despite having been shot.


One of the coolest jobs in the Air Force has got to be the person who flies those awesome jets.


A Yorkshire Terrier who served with the Air Force during World War II. She fought in 12 combat missions in the Pacific and was awarded eight battle stars.

Female Military Dog Names

Looking for more general names for your lady warrior? We’ve got you covered with these female military dog names.


This Italian name means defending warrior, which is exactly what you want your dog to be when unfriendly strangers stop by.


Originally it meant “female warrior” in Latin, but it’s had a pop culture revival thanks to the character Bellatrix Lestrange in the “Harry Potter” series. You can shorten your furball’s name to Bella or Trixie.

Havana and Valencia

Before the NATO alphabet was adopted in the mid-50s, there were earlier versions, including one from the 1920s that used the names of cities for the alphabet. Valencia, a city in Spain, and Havana, the famous city in Cuba, were the words designated for the letters V and H—and, you have to admit, they’re pretty sweet names for girl dogs.


The word for the letter I in the NATO alphabet, and a wonderful female military dog name.


The word for the letter J in the NATO alphabet.


An Irish name that originally meant “war.” Ginger pups, this is the name for you!


This lovely name comes from Arabic, where it originally meant “ready for battle.” If your pup has territorial tendencies, it’s a perfect match.


The word for the letter S in the NATO alphabet, as well as the Sierra Nevada, which gives this name a cowgirl feel.

Male Military Dog Names

At ease, cadet. These male military dog names are a perfect fit for your good boy.


The site of the famous battle (and fort) in Texas, and a memorable name for your pup.


This Spanish (as well as Portuguese and Italian) form of the German name Herman means soldier. Do you have a dog that keeps going on despite all obstacles—i.e. soldiering on? Then this may be the name for him!


This city in Ukraine was the site of a famous World War II battle in June 1941 between the Germans and the Russians. But its more modern military association is with Nicholas Brody, the fictional Marine Corps sniper in the TV show “Homeland.”


The word in the NATO alphabet that’s used for the letter C, and a pretty popular name for furry family members.


If you’ve got a dog with red in his coat, then this Irish name meaning “red-headed warrior” might be a good fit.


The name comes from Germany and it means “battle warrior,” though we hope the only battles your dog will be engaged in are the ones with his toys.


Sure, he was the tragic lover in Shakespeare’s play, but it’s also the word used for the letter R in the NATO alphabet.


A dance in Argentina as well as the word used for the letter T in the NATO alphabet.


This Scandinavian name means “war,” and dates back to the Vikings.

Famous Military Dog Names

These K9s are military heroes, and played important roles in whatever war they found themselves in.


In 1945, the Army adopted this German Shepherd-Collie-Siberian Husky mix. Chips became the most decorated dog during World War II. In 1990, Disney released a film based on his life called—what else?—“Chips, the War Dog.”


This Newfoundland became the mascot of a Canadian battalion during World War II. He saved wounded Canadian soldiers when he bravely sacrificed his life by snatching a live grenade and running away with it in the direction of the enemy.


Gunner’s sharp ears warned Australian soldiers of approaching enemy aircraft during World War II—and helped protect the air force base in Darwin, Australia.


During World War II, this English Pointer became a prisoner of war and helped saved the lives of other Allied prisoners by scavenging food for them.

Just Nuisance

The only dog officially enlisted in the Royal Navy. Don’t let the funny name fool you: This Great Dane was buried with full military honors when he died in 1944.


In 2007, Lex became the first active military dog to be granted early retirement so he could be adopted by the family of his handler, USMC Corporal Dustin J. Lee, who’d been killed in action. Lex, who was also wounded in the attack, received an honorary Purple Heart.

Moustache (or Mous)

This poodle protected French troops during the Napoleonic Wars by warning them of a surprise attack by Austrian soldiers.


Two American soldiers adopted this brave little terrier in France during World War I. They taught him how to run messages during battles. This amazing dog survived the war and ended his days in the U.S.

Rin Tin Tin

Brought over from France by an American soldier, this German Shepherd became a Hollywood star, appearing in 27 movies in the 1920s.


A terrier mix who served as a search and rescue dog in London during WWII, saving the lives of over 100 people.


An Australian special forces explosives detection dog who saved lives by sniffing out IEDs in Afghanistan.

Sergeant Stubby

Believed to a Boston Terrier mix or some type of pit bull, Stubby served in World War I where he alerted troops in the trenches to gas attacks, fought off enemy soldiers, and rescued wounded men behind enemy lines.

Cool Military Dog Names

Plenty of awesome people, places and things have connections to the armed forces, making them great inspiration for your dog’s military name.


A flying ace is a fighter pilot who can shoot down many enemy planes in the air. It’s a great name for a dog who’s an expert in anything, even if it’s just snuggling on the sofa.


Short for camouflage, which is what combat troops wear on the battlefield.


After Fort Carson, an army base in Colorado, located near Colorado Springs.


Henry H. Arnold was a famous five-star general who was taught to fly by the Wright Brothers and became U.S. commanding general of the armed forces during World War II. Hap was his nickname.


One of the most famous veterans in pop culture has to be the king of rock ’n’ roll, Elvis Presley. Don’t forget: One of his most famous songs is “Hound Dog.”


This tracking device keeps tabs on planes, ships and troops, much like your pup keeps tabs on your whereabouts.


The tank used by the U.S. Army in World War II and a pretty perfect name for pups built like tanks, such as Bulldogs or pit bulls.

About the Author: Robert Forto is the founder of Dog Works Radio, a dog podcast based in the wilds of Alaska that provides extensive training information online. Robert and his dogs compete in dog mushing events in the Great White North.