The Black Dog Alaska Dog Works


It is Friday the 13th and we’ll still use it as an excuse to talk about dog superstitions, mythology and folklore!

Did you know that meeting a dog is good luck? Or, if you let a dog lick your newborn baby, your baby will heal more quickly throughout his/her life? Don’t worry, theres at least eight more of these superstitions you need to know about.


1. When your being followed pretty consistently by a strange dog, (especially a black dog) there is considerable bad luck to be had in your near future.

2. If your dog appears angry or defensive around some person for no apparent reason, steer clear. It’s a sign that that person has bad character.

3. Meeting a black and white spotted dog on the way to a business meeting is good luck! You might just close the deal!

4. A greyhound with a white spot on her forehead brings good fortune, wherever she may go.

5. A dog walking between a courting couple indicates a quarrel will soon take place. Proxemics sometimes says it all.

6. A howling dog outside the house of a sick person was once thought to be an omen that they would die, especially if the dog was driven away and returned to howl again.

7. If you have your new-born baby licked by a dog, your baby will be a quick healer. You already new this one

8. To keep a new dog, measure its tail with a cornstalk and bury the latter under the front step.

9. When a dog is staring intently, at nothing, for no apparent reason, look between the dog’s ears and you’ll see a ghost.

10. Meeting a dog is always good luck especially if you meet a Dalmatian.

They say the only way to have a well trained dog is a happy owner. Let us at Alaska Dog Works help you make your dog one of the best!