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Tips and Tricks on Facebook Live

Facebook Live Alaska Dog Works

If you’re a dog owner you know, it can be an abundance of work, and sometimes there are a million questions you have but don’t know where to go to find the answers. In order to help answer some of these questions we will be going live on the Alaska Dog Works Facebook Page for our Wednesday Tips and Tricks series and our Sunday Informational series starting on March 17th.  Our certified trainers will take time to answer your questions, provide great information, and give training tips.

What Will We be Discussing?

Each week we will designate a specific topic to the discussion, to get the ball rolling. But this in no way will be limiting the conversation. In fact, we want this to be a comfortable, free flow of ideas and questions. So whether you have a question about our program, training tips, or just advice on giving your pup the best care possible; we’ll be here to answer those questions and share it with our dog-friendly audience.

Why You Should Tune In

We want you to feel more comfortable asking any and all questions you may have concerning you canine. That’s why during our Facebook Live sessions you’ll be able to send all your questions and concerns directly to our certified dog trainers. We thought being able to touch base with your trainers while simultaneously residing in the comfort of your own home would make your lives a whole lot easier – so that’s precisely why we’re doing it!

When & How Can I Participate?

You can submit any questions comments or concerns beforehand on our Facebook Messager or email us directly. Either way, your message will be addressed on Facebook live stream. So tune in every Wednesday at 7 PM for our 30min session of Tips and Tricks and on Sunday at 4 PM for our Informational session, and you might even get to meet some of our well-trained furry friends!

We can’t wait to hear from you and your dogs. See you on Facebook Live!

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