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Meet with Robert and Michele Forto

Let's Have a Beer!

Lets Have a Beer Alaska Dog Works Road Trip Michele Forto

Michele and Robert are hitting the road for their annual Rock n Roller Tour Across America and we have received messages about the possibility of conducting seminars, seeing private clients, and interviewing podcast guests along the way. 

If you are along our route and need help with your dog and/or would like to connect, even if it is to grab a beer or a coffee let us know asap!

If you have followed us for a while you know that we love to travel around the country and attend music festivals, ride roller coasters and enjoy a fine bourbon or a local beer. 

Of course we love to hear your stories about your dogs and maybe offer a training tip or tow along the way. 

Dates and Locations

Click on the calendar below to schedule a time to meet!


  • September 15-17 Midwest Sled Dog Expo and Conference 

  • September 20-25 Louisville, KY (music festival and coasters)

  • October 14 Seattle, WA (concert)

  • October 19-23 Atlanta and Alabama (One World Canine Obstacle Course Challenge)

  • November 8-10 Scottsdale, AZ (Let’s Grow Conference) Tenative

  • December 31 to January 2 Seattle, WA (Winter Classic)


  • April 12: Miami, FL

  • April 13-18: Miami, FL, Falmouth Jamaica, George Town Grand Cayman, Miami, FL

  • August: Washington, DC (Podcast Movement)

  • October 13: Rome,Italy 

  • October 14-26: Rome Italy, Naples Italy, Olympia Greece, Athens Greece, Mykonos Greece, Rhodes Greece, Ephesus Turkey, Santorini Greece, Sicily Italy, Barcelona Span


  • August: Dallas, TX (Podcast Movement)


  • August: San Diego, CA (Podcast Movement)

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Follow our journey!