Alaska Dog Works

Pay the Dime, Prepare to do the Time

Alaska Dog WorksHave you signed up for a membership at the local gym, and never gone and still wonder why you are not in shape?

To some, dog training is the same way. Our advice, do not waste your money signing up for training classes with your dog if you are not willing to put in the time. Most dog trainers are not spending that hour with you to train your dog. They are training you on how to train your dog. Even low-level training facilities or big box store group classes are just trying to show you what to do.

We hear all too often, “I went to a dog trainer for six weeks and my dog still isn’t trained.”

Sometimes I believe it can be the trainer’s fault maybe for not explaining the hours you must put in on your own. But for ones that do, kudos!

Now I say to you, go work with your dog! You and your dog will appreciate it more in the long run!

Even in our famous Camp program, you are required to do your part. We say that your dog is returned to you 85% trained. Why? Because while your dog is with us they learn our routines. They learn what we allow them to do or not to do. They learn they can’t jump up on our counters and learn they that go out our back door to the yard to do their business.

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When they come back home they need to know that you have changed your attitudes toward training while they were gone too. If you allow your dog to slip back into their old habits, within a week they will be just like they were before camp.

Remember what I said about that gym membership? You can work out every day and reach that New Year’s resolution but if you don’t change other habits in your life and maintain that workout routine, by Easter you will be right back where you were at Christmas.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

If you would like to have one of the best-trained dogs in the world. We can show you how. But beware, nothing in life is easy, and that includes dog training.