New Coke and Dog Training Alaska Dog Works

New Coke and Fad Dog Training

New Coke and Dog Training Alaska Dog Works

If you were around in the summer of 1985 you probably remember when Coca Cola re-invented its iconic beverage and released  “New Coke.” It was dubbed one of the greatest marketing flops in history and people were outraged.

Thanks to the Netflix series Stranger Things, New Coke is making a comeback for a short time this summer. I know you will give it a try just because you love the kids on the show.

How does this relate to dog training? Just wait and we will turn it upside down.

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I have been a dog trainer a long time. I got my start in the parks of Portland, Oregon in the early 1990s. I was a broke college student and all I knew how to do is train dogs. I set up shop with a business card and a smile and started teaching group classes.

Over the years I attended countless training schools around North America and went to a lot of conferences and seminars. Most importantly I trained A LOT of dogs. Hundreds if not thousands of them.

In a sense I was like Coca-Cola. I was a “classic.” Not everybody loved my training style but they knew that what I offered worked.

Nowadays new dog trainers are popping up everywhere. Even here in Alaska I see new trainers every week showing up with a client or two at the local big-box store and offering training advice. What is interesting is I know two of these people were clients of ours just this year.

Let that sink in for just a second….There are now people saying that they are qualified dog trainers when they couldn’t even train their own dog six months ago.

I am not worried about the competition. I welcome it actually but when people want what they want they want what works. I know that is a tongue twister but people want Coke Classic. Not New Coke.

Am I right?

Let’s tie all this together, shall we? New Coke is getting a re-release because of the tie-in to Stranger Things. No problem, that is good right? But its a gimmick. It will only be around for a little while and probably be successful for a minute. It is a FAD.

New dog trainers are often the same way. They jump into business with little training and little experience. They offer new and fresh training advice and sadly most don’t stick around very long. Their business becomes the next FAD.

We all love fads. I do as much as the next guy but I also want what is tried and true when I am seeking an expert opinion. I want the real thing. In most cases if you are reading this you are looking for that expertise.

So, if you think your dog is a demogorgon, let us help you with that.

Does this sound like something you are interested in?

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One last thing, Stranger Things drops July 4th on Netflix. Let’s have a Coke and a Smile and watch it together.