NEW BADGE ALERT: Northern Lights Badge


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As we get started in the New Year we are excited to announce our first Adventure Dog Club Badge! This badge is one of our special edition patches and will be tough to get but it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many. It is our northern lights badge.

Northern Lights Badge

To register for this badge please click here and indicate that you are interested in the Northern Lights badge. Once we get your registered and in our database we will send you a link to log in and get started!

The Northen Lights Badge offered by the Adventure Dog Club is one of our special editions. The purpose of this badge is to help the handler understand how to take better photos of the elusive Northern Lights and of his/her dog and help the dog to become easier subjects for photos. The badge requires the handler to gain a solid understanding of his/her camera and how to use it to get great photos. It also requires the dog to demonstrate skills that help him to be a better subject. The dog needs to have solid impulse control prior to training the required skills.

If you have further questions about the Adventure Dog Club please contact us.