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Indoor Paper Training

Paper training teaches the dog to relieve himself only indoors on the paper, in the area you have designated. This area should be easily accessible to the dog and should not be moved. You may want the dog to be able to form a habit of going to the same place every time. It is best to choose a room with a floor that has a smooth surface, such as tile or linoleum. This will make it easier to clean up any accidents that may occur. And with the use of a strong odor neutralizer, you will be able to eliminate any odor from the urine or fecal residue. The bathroom or the kitchen is usually the best places to choose.

Once you have designated the area in which you wish your dog to eliminate, line the whole room with several thick sheets of newspaper. You will want to cover the whole area so that your dog will not accidentally go off the newspaper. Once your dog has used the paper, pick up the soiled ones and lay down new ones. Take slightly soiled paper and lay it under a couple of sheets of the new paper in the spot you have chosen for your dog to eliminate. He will be attracted to the scent and start to use that spot. It is best to be in the back part of the room in case you have to confine your dog to this area while you are away. If he designated his pooping ground in the front of the room’s entrance by the gate, he would probably trample in his own mess amidst the excitement of your return.

After your dog has a particular area on the paper to go, you can begin to gradually shorten the area of the room you cover with the paper. It is important for you to constantly monitor the area—to clean up his mess and put down new paper. This way he will not feel the need for a larger area in which to relieve himself.

When the dog relieves himself on the paper, praise the dog lavishly. Then reinforce this with the command you have chosen for paper training, such as “Papers, good boy!” Then take the dog to another area of the house for playtime. Never leave the dog unsupervised. Practice taking the dog from different rooms in the house to the papers. This will help develop a road map in his mind as to how to get to the area when he is suddenly overcome by the urge to go.