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Dire Wolves, HBO and Dog Training


Let’s face it, if you were like the rest of us you have been watching the Game of Thrones for the past eight years. You may even have your own version of a dire wolf sitting in your lair.

I would venture to guess that many of you have contemplated cancelling your subscription to HBO now that the series is over. You don’t need that extra $8 to $15-dollar monthly expense in your life, do you?

How does this relate to dog training? I will tell you but first…

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Unlike a subscription to a premium cable network, your dog is never fully trained to the point where you should cancel your training program with a trainer or stop working with your dog.

Think about it, “trained” is a word that should almost never be used in the past tense. Okay, maybe “housetrained” if your adult dog never eliminates indoors unless he is sick, or you had an emergency that prevented you from getting home so long that he simply could not hold it anymore. But otherwise think twice about calling your dog “trained.”

Look at it this way, Olympic athletes train every day and yet their performances are almost never perfect. Professional dog trainers who compete in canine sports think in terms of thousands of reps to get to the point where their dogs perform as close as possible to perfect—but if they could get to 100%, then there would not be any point in competition right?

Remember that dogs are not programable training devices. It is normal for behavior to fluctuate. Dogs are constantly experimenting to find out whether a new behavior will work better to get something they want. Or maybe an old behavior that they abandoned months ago will start working again.

This is why you should keep working with your dog AND your dog trainer. This is not an attempt to get you to sign up for more classes. By understanding how your dog thinks will help you better understand his behavior. We can help you with that.

Our Peak Performance Program is a great place to start. Instead of cancelling that next group class after puppy pre-school or being a no-show at your next follow up session with your trainer, keep the training going. Unlike a subscription to HBO, dog training is worth a lot more, especially if you want him to be the best trained dire wolf on your block.

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