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Dime Store Dog Training at Harvard Prices

It has come to my attention lately that there is a company online that can train a person to become a dog trainer in as little as two weeks and charging them upwards of $7000.

This is a bad idea for everyone and I’ll explain why

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As I’m sure you know there was a huge scandal recently about celebrities and rich people trying to cheat the system to get their kids into top-notch schools. It backfired and hurt a lot of people.

This company that says they can train a person to be a dog trainer in a couple weeks is doing something very similar.

Alaska Dog Works

It takes years to become just a good dog trainer. It takes working with hundreds if not thousands of dogs and their owners in order to be able to offer a program that shows results consistently time in and time out.

Sure, if you want something basic like teaching your dog how to sit or walk on a loose leash you can hire a new, wet-behind-the-ears trainer They will charge you a couple hundred bucks and give you a fancy certificate with your dog’s name on it.

But do you know what? You can do that on your own by spending a little time on YouTube. For free!

If you want real results you have to invest in a program and a trainer that knows what works. Not just the latest training fad or product.

Maybe some of these people that take this $7000 course will go on to become great dog trainers. Maybe not. Are you willing to invest in a novice with a shiny new business card and a group class or two under belt?

I can guarantee that we can help you reach all of your dog training goals quickly and effectively.

Why? Because we have 24 years experience.

We can help.

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