Will my dog miss me at a board and train program?

Michele Forto, Lead Trainer at President and Dog Behaviorist at Alaska Dog Works in Willow, Alaska, answers the most frequently asked questions about its board and train program.

Question: “If my dog participates in your board and train program rather than other services, will he/she forget me during that time?”

Answer: “Absolutely Not.” The great thing about dogs is that they think in the present time. They don’t fret over the past nor plan out their future. Sure, they can remember past experiences when something triggers that thought (just as when reunited with their owners), but they think in the moment. So, even though you are missing your family companion, your dog is having a grand time learning new behaviors and socializing with other dogs. However, when he/she sees you upon your return, your dog will be so excited to see you! To help you, we post frequent pictures of your pet on the The Pack Facebook Group to lessen your loneliness.

So your dog won’t miss you, but he or she certainly won’t forget you either. And, isn’t that what you want for your dog, the best of both worlds?. For more information about the Peak Performance Program, please call us at 206-752-3647 or the Alaska Dog Works website.


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