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Video Transcript

Why is training your dog so important?  

Congratulations! You just got a dog and while it might not be your first dog you’re considering how this new relationship is going to develop.  

We all know that having a dog takes responsibility and with that it takes training. Training is so important because it let’s the dog know right away what you like and what you don’t like.

What you expect of them and what they should expect from you.  

Did you know that training is NOT the hard part!?  

The hard part is developing a routine and sticking with it, along with being consistent in how you train.  

Having a professional dog trainer help you develop that routine and consistency is a valuable resource that you will appreciate and refer back to often during the first two years you have your dog, no matter the age of the dog when you started.  

But – it’s more than the current trend, it’s way more than watching that super cool video of that persons dog doing XYZ – you see they didn’t show you how many takes that took, or how long it took to actually get the dog to perform the command.

How many times did the dog get a treat to be coaxed into doing it? How many corrections? You can’t answer that because that’s the part that remains behind the scenes.  

Dog Works Training Company knows what happens behind the scenes and we can help turn your relationship with your dog into what others envy and is video-worthy!   Are you ready to develop a better relationship with your dog?