Why In Home Dog Training is Good for Puppies

Whether you adopt them or your dog gives birth, raising puppies is a huge responsibility. Those furry little bundles of joy fill you with happiness but when left on their own, they will probably not be the well-behaved and well-groomed dogs you want them to be.

Throughout the centuries, dogs have been domesticated, and rearing them is pretty similar to how you would raise a child. Teaching a child certain behaviors through positive reinforcements comes naturally to parents. However, most people don’t know that they emulate the same behavior with puppies and train them to grow up to be well-socialized, intelligent dogs.

It is recommended that you start training puppies as soon as they start to become a bit independent. Though there is no age restriction on training dogs, training them young helps them learn quickly, just like humans. Dogs are intelligent creatures, and you can train them to do anything with a little bit of positive reinforcement. While it may seem like hiring a dog trainer to come to your house is a luxury reserved for the filthy rich, maybe businesses provide excellent one on one lessons packages for pet owners.

Training your puppy in-house might seem like a difficult job, but just an hour every day can easily help build a connection between you and your delightful pup, making the entire process extremely rewarding. If you still need convincing, here are four reasons you should train your puppy in-house

Why In Home Dog Training is Good for Puppies

Anyone who has had to share a living space with a puppy knows they are basically charged-up bundles of energy, yapping and bouncing from one corner to another. This pent-up energy needs to be directed positively through patiently training the puppy, or it can even lead to behavior such as property destruction.

The puppy chewing a hole through your things is only cute the first few times. If not trained out, this behavior can elicit a negative reaction from the owner, which can easily lead the puppy to distrust you, and the connection between the pet and the owner is severed.

Training your puppy is, therefore, non-negotiable. It would be best if you did it in-house with a professional trainer to build a bond with the living being you have taken responsibility for. Here are four reasons training your puppy in-house can have massive benefits for you and your pet:

1) Your Home Is The Ideal Setting for Training

Dogs are very much like humans and behave differently according to their surroundings. A puppy has identified your house as its home and thus will behave far more freely and be more receptive to any training it gets as compared to being in a strange, new place. The trainer will also have an opportunity to observe the dog in its natural setting and stamp out any untoward behavior through the training.

This also allows the trainer to provide you with a detailed plan for tackling the behavior and tips on how to modify your daily behavior to ensure the puppy understands that behavior is inappropriate. For example, suppose your puppy has taken a liking toward chewing the wiring. In that case, your trainer will provide you with guidance on how to steer it away from that behavior by providing other stimulating activities.

2) In Home Dog Training Builds A Gratifying Bond

Since the trainer will be called directly to your house, they can provide detailed instructions about employing the training techniques in your everyday behavior. Once you incorporate that positive reinforcement in your behavior toward your puppy, it builds a structured yet profound connection between you two that is incredibly gratifying as a pet owner.

Every pet owner knows the warm feeling in their chest when their pet shows affection; training helps you get that feeling more since it builds mutual respect.

3) In Home Dog Training Programs Are Customized

The most significant advantage of home training is that the trainer can get a sense of your surroundings and incorporate them into their training regimen. Your dog’s behavior is massively influenced by its living situation, including the presence of other dogs. Keeping in account the context of the dog’s living situation, the trainer makes a holistic regimen entirely tailored to your particular needs as a dog owner.

4) In Home Dog Training Is Cost-Effective

Believe it or not, in-house training is one of the more affordable options for professional dog training. Since in-house training involves the owner and actively encourages them to train the dog, most owners get the hang of training the dog themselves and do not need many house calls. Depending on the severity of the puppy’s behavioral issues, two to three house calls should suffice before you take the reins yourself and incorporate the techniques taught to you into your everyday routine.

Where to Find An In Home Dog Trainer?

If you are looking for a holistic one on one lessons program in Alaska, Alaska Dog Works is perfect for you. It has solutions for all your puppy-raising needs, including one-to-one training programs that cover all the basic commands, from when called to potty training. Alaska Dog Works also provides unlimited follow-ups about your dog’s life since it is genuinely passionate about pet dogs.

Final Thoughts

In-home training your dog might seem like an over-the-top luxury, and many pet owners make the mistake of forgoing it due to the perceived cost. Often, this mistake can cost you more money in the form of property destruction and also helps you misunderstand your dog, who is not engaging in destructive behaviors intentionally. Well-trained dogs are a total joy to have around and one on one lessons also trains you to become an empathetic and mindful dog owner, harboring a deep connection built on trust between your dog and you.


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