Why Dogs Need Their Own Space

Just like their owners, dogs need their own personal space. Giving your furry friend their own space allows them to have some quiet downtime, sleep, or just rest after a long and tiring playtime. There are a few options that are great for creating an area for your dog’s space, so here’s a rundown and how you can help make their space the best it can be!


Crates can serve as a perfect second home from puppyhood to seniority. Creating a positive space and environment while crate training is key to making this a safe space for your dog. Besides being a place to learn to potty train, sleep, and maybe sit in timeout, crates can become your dog’s favorite place to retreat to! But it’s important to remember that you should not be forcing your dog into their crate at all hours of the day. This means locking them in for extended amounts of time will do more harm than good (in most cases). Try leaving the door open often and see how they respond.

Dog Bed

Lots of dogs eat, sleep, play, and lazily hang out in their beds, which is why a dog bed is a no-brainer for creating a space of their own for your dog. Choose a bed that will be comfortable for your pooch (hard, soft, microfiber, polyester, etc.), easy to clean if needed, and that is durable! Some dogs can get attached to their beds and be weary to leave them, so you don’t want it to wear down too quickly, or even get chewed up with your canine companion can’t find their toy. Your dog’s bed should also be large enough for them to feel completely comfortable in.

Dog Pillow or Rug

Some dogs prefer to not lie on a cushioned bed, but something with less fluff or volume, like a pillow or rug! If you find your dog always avoiding the bed you’ve bought them to lay on the nearest blanket, it is probably the time to switch over to a cushion or rug just for them. You can even get them accustomed to the switch by positive reinforcements with treats.

On The Ground

While some dogs love to choose a comfy spot in their crate or bed, other dogs just enjoy the floor! Some breeds with thicker coats like Huskeys get warm easily, so there’s nothing better than lying down on the cool floor. You can create a space for them by dedicating a particular spot in the house for them to rest.

Let Your Pooch Rest

Dogs adore affection, but sometimes they want to be left alone. If your dog has decided to stay in their space for a while, this is a good indicator they want some time alone to rest and wind down on their own. Some situations or environments can be stressful for dogs, so letting them have their time to decompress is important for a happy pup!