Alaska Dog Works

Why Alaska Dog Works

By Michele Forto

Lately I have been receiving many inquiries regarding what is Alaska Dog Works all about.  We have written blog article upon blog article about Alaska Dog Works.  I’d like to give you a different perspective on what Alaska Dog Works is all about.

At Alaska Dog Works we perform a detailed evaluation and then I design a training plan and a package to suit your goals and expectations.  Because not every person is the same and because not every dog learns at the same pace we have developed a proven process to train you and your dog.

We pride ourselves on the value our training will bring to your dog and your family. The trainers here focus on training everyone involved with your dog not just your dog.  We want you to develop a training relationship with your dog.  We offer board and trains and can do all of the training for you but we always follow up the training we do with teaching you how to handle your dog as well.

During the evaluation process you will be interviewed and asked specific questions relating to your expectations and goals that you would like to achieve with your dog. Your dog’s behavior will be observed and analyzed. We use this information to analyze your dog for any behavior problems and to assess their strengths and weaknesses. A training plan will be developed and if you are in need of behavior modification a treatment plan will be developed and outlined.  The goal of Denver Dog Works is to build your relationship and to strengthen your bond with your dog.

There is not a cookie-cutter approach at Alaska Dog Works.  We consider each client individually and build each program package to suit their needs and their dog’s abilities.  Our style in training is based on operant conditioning, observation of behavior and adjusting the training schedule to meet the dog’s optimum learning levels.

Training with your dog should be fun.  It should not feel like a chore.  An asset of training with Alaska Dog Works is participating in the lifetime group class offered throughout the year.  This class gives you the opportunity to keep your training fresh which keeps your dog on his toes.  This class is unique to Alaska Dog Works.

Alaska Dog Works is a family friendly training company.  We encourage you to include your spouse and your children in the training.  Few trainers will allow this.  Why would we encourage this type of training?  To strengthen the bond between the dog and all family members, not just the person doing the training, we believe the dog should see all humans in the household as its leaders not just one person.  Michele works with children as young as two and develops training plans with toddlers and infants to teach the dog boundaries. Toddlers to school aged children learn dog rules and boundaries and a few basic obedience commands.

If you are interested in learning more about Denver Dog Works please visit our website at or give us a call at 907-841-1603.