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Video Transcript

We all slip, why developing a routine makes it easier to get back on track.
You’ve got a gym membership right? You go maybe everyday or three days a week, but then you take a vacation and when you come back it takes a little while to get back into going at all let alone what your routine was – but once you force yourself back into your routine its like getting on a bike – everything flows. Well that is exactly what happens in dog training IF you’ve developed good habits, routine, and exercise your dog daily. Getting off track happens, getting back on is so much easier when we have developed muscle memory.
Believe it or not dogs develop muscle memory too. We are dog mushers we see it with our sled dogs after a long summer off from running on beautiful snowpacked trails, they are ready to go when the air gets a little bit chilly and the roads are muddy and we begin pulling out our fatbikes and their harnesses. Their muscle memory begins to kick in and they’re ready to start banging those harnesses and pulling those bikes. Soon enough we’re back out on those snowpacked trails and with little to no indication of which way to go the lead dogs use their memory of the trail to set the course.
You and your dog develop muscle memory too. Working with your dog everyday on something you both love doing helps strengthen this muscle memory. Even if its teaching your dog its foundation – its important to practice. Look when you learned your ABCs it took time to memorize those 26 letters. Dogs can learn up to 60 commands and some can learn even more cues than that but it takes practice to develop that memory.
It’s supposed to be FUN! Add games into your foundational training practice and this will not only make it fun but it will expand that experiential learning that we talk so much about in our programs.
Are you ready to have a better relationship with your K9 Buddy?