Virtual Dog Training Alaska Dog Works

Virtual Dog Training at Alaska Dog Works

WE strive to hold your health and safety as our top priority. For your convenience, safety, and to accommodate this unexpected situation, we’re offering a virtual training program at Alaska Dog Works!

We’re really excited to provide this opportunity!

Virtual Dog Training

⭐️ NOW ENROLLING  ⭐️ A virtual family dog training course with proven methods from a real-life dog trainer who has spent over 20 years training dogs and their families!

Alaska Dog Works Virtual Dog Training is available right now! 💻

Within minutes you will have full access to the same exact program that we use with our Virtual Dog Training Program for the last 20 years that has created thousands of well-behaved puppies and dogs!

Our Virtual Dog Training Program covers ALL the essentials:

🏡 Housebreaking


🐶 Games

❤️ Positive Body Handling

🐕 Boundary Games

🐩 Social Skills

🙋‍♀️ Greetings

🐾 Heeling on Leash

How to end (once and for all!):

❌ Jumping

❌ Barking

❌ Biting/Nipping

And Teach Commands:

✅ Sit

✅ Down

✅ Place

✅ Come when called

✅ Leave it

✅ Drop it

And so much more! Plus, exclusive bonuses when you sign up!

Enroll today to guarantee your spot:

More Info:

Video calls are quite effective! They also save you time, you don’t have to clean the house for someone to come over, and we get to see the dog’s behavior without another human being present so I can coach you through the training exercises and demonstrate on my own dog.

Virtual lessons can also provide great entertainment the whole family can participate in – which produces even better results since everyone will be on the same page!

We’ll meet at the same time each week but from the comfort of your living room on your laptop or smartphone! There is no doubt that the reduced distractions by working with your dog at home will accelerate his/her learning so that once this health scare is over, you’ll be able to confidently rejoin the public or future classes with a highly skilled dog that will have strong foundations.

At this time we will be using the Zoom app and you can log in using the device of your choice. We will still offer the program using the Portal+ (that you can read about below) but we have found that Zoom works very well and is easy to get started. We will provide you with answers to all your tech questions and help make this an easy program to get started. We are even offering special pricing in light of the pandemic.

If you are ready to get started or would like to jump on the phone for a quick call, at the bottom of this page is a calendar app. Pick a time and we will chat.

One Option: Virtual Dog Training using the Portal+

Do you want one of the best-trained dogs in the country and can not meet with us in person? We now offer one incredible solution to get the coaching and training support you need to help your dog be its best! If you simply have the tools, support, and advice in place, you can create the results you seek in your own home. It will require a lot of work and dedication on your part but you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have that.

The unique and cutting-edge program that we call virtual dog training is a three-month training program that is designed to get you on the right track without the pain, frustration, chaos, and confusion, and onto leadership mastery and peace of mind.

The program is perfect for new puppy raisers, service dog clients and dog owners that have just one problem they are trying to fix or a full behavior modification program. We accept dogs into our program of all breeds and ages and behavior issues and we customize every program to suit your goals.

At Alaska Dog Works we are known for doing things differently and using the latest, cutting-edge technology. Clients that sign up for our virtual dog training program will receive a Portal+ device that is yours to keep!

We believe that in order to offer classes virtually to clients not only in Alaska but anywhere, you need the technology that will allow you to learn. Using a Portal’s follow the action

Benefits of our Virtual Dog Training at Alaska Dog Works: 

  • Bi-weekly support through your very own Portal device* The number of sessions depends on your needs
  • Access to a dedicated text number so that we can offer support and problem solving without the hassle of attending regular, in-person classes
  • Closed group Facebook page where we are there to help you out and you can talk to other clients that are in the program with their dogs
  • Digital content, emails, blogs, training sheets, and more will allow you to work at your own pace
  • The advice in other areas such as nutrition, healthcare, and more

Three-month Virtual Training Program: Call for special pricing

Some of the areas we can work on:

  • Teach your dog or puppy our foundation of obedience commands
  • Resolve significant behavioral issues
  • Get everyone in the household on board with training their dog
  • Service dog training and public access testing
  • Service dog monthly check-ins for current clients
  • Therapy dog consultations for healthcare workers
  • Virtual seminars with your organization on a variety of topics like HOAs, service dog access, and more

*Your Portal+ will be sent to you when sign up and pay for the program and shipped to you directly before your first training session. The Portal+ is yours to keep. To learn more about the Portal+ and its use outside of our training program check it out here

Let’s jump on a call to find out how we can help you make your dog one of the best, no mater where you live!