Alaska Dog Works

Training at Alaska Dog Works

From teaching advanced applications to helping clients with small issues. We have excelled at a high level due to the education and the experience of our staff.

Our number one priority is client satisfaction and we will deliver immediate results. Whether you want your dog to listen to you at any time around any distraction, be competitive in the obedience ring or just be a well mannered dog at home, you should CALL US TODAY to arrange an evaluation.

Our trainers work with clients through the following training programs:

Puppy Management- Three one on one private lessons for puppies 5 months of age or younger.  Lessons are instructional for both owner and dog where a “Learning Stage” of dog training is targeted.  Ideal for clients searching for the proper foundation of obedience.

Private Lessons- We offer a private lesson package to suit your needs and are for dogs of any age. These one on one lessons will be geared towards whatever you want to teach or modify within your dog. From obedience commands to behavioral modification, our staff can work with you either at our facility or in the convenience of your own home (mileage restrictions apply).

Camp Works– These packages are perfect for pet owners boarding their dog during a vacation, lead busy lifestyles, or just want to put their dogs on the fast track to off leash control. During the camp works program, your dog will reside at our facility in the care of our trainers and be constantly supervised while working or playing.  Included with this package is a minimum of 2 private lessons and lifetime support via email and/or video conference.

Peak Performance Training- A client favorite! This package is for those who want what all dog owners want to introduce their canine to two different applications. Whether it be four lessons of basic obedience and four lessons of Canine Good Citizen or any combination of any application that we offer.

Advanced Training- We also offer advanced training for skills such as personal protection, canine sports, search & rescue, scent detection, canine good citizen, service dog certification & therapy dog certification. Don’t see what you’re interested in? Please give us a call.

What should You Do Next?

Please call (907)841-1686 for an appointment so that we may evaluate your dog and your needs accurately. If you are not in the immediate area please call or email us, and we will do a phone consultation of your needs so that we are clear about the length and cost of the program. These programs are not as expensive as you might think.