The best dog trainers in alaska are alaska dog works

The Best Dog Trainers in Alaska

So… you may have seen on social media and popping up on Google that there is a dog training company in Alaska called Off Leash K9 Training.

They have splashy ads and you are seeing them all of the time, on Facebook.

Let’s cut to the chase for a minute…

Who is Off Leash K9?

Off Leash K9 is a national chain. If you search Off Leash K9 you will see “trainers” everywhere. Dallas, TX, Beaverton, Or, Las Vegas, and even Wilmington, NC. All of their webpages look exactly the same.

Guess what!….They recently posted an ad for a dog trainer in Alaska.

That’s right, they just hired the guy or gal that you will work with if you go with this company.

Wait, there is more… their ad for the trainer said that the applicant does not need any dog training experience to apply! Yep, someone that is brand new to dog training is the trainer for Off Leash K9 Training in Alaska.

The McDonald’s of Dog Training in Alaska 

Secondly, this is the dog training equivalent of McDonalds for your training goals.

Wouldn’t you rather work with someone that has been doing this for decades and has worked with clients just like you.

Wouldn’t you want to work with a dog training company with local roots, right here in Alaska?  

Wouldn’t you want to work with a dog training company that cares about building a relationship with you and your dog not just grabbing nationwide reach for some nameless company that franchises out their name to wet-behind-the-ears trainers?

Why Alaska Dog Works?

Do yourself a favor and work with the best, Alaska Dog Works, today, not after you have invested time and money with a dog trainer that has no idea how to meet your training goals.

Click on the link in this video and lets jump on a discovery call. No obligation, no pressure. Let’s talk about how we can reach your training goals, not some algorithm that is telling you that Off Leash K9 is the best.

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