The Benefits of Online Puppy Training Classes!

Bringing the best of traditional puppy training into a convenient and flexible online puppy training course!

Puppy training has gone virtual and it’s here to stay! And if you recently brought home a puppy, you might be weighing the options between traditional or online puppy training classes. The obvious difference is going to an in-person class vs. attending a virtual group class, but what does online puppy training really offer that in-person training can’t? 

What are the benefits?

Previously in our how online puppy training classes work article, we covered an overview of what you can expect from our online training classes. Our online puppy training classes were designed to arm you with the right techniques, tools, and support you need to overcome all your pup’s growing pains. But if you’re still unsure if online puppy training classes are for you, consider these amazing benefits:

1. Flexible Online Puppy Training Schedule

We understand that life gets in the way between work, family, and just the regular day-to-day. Add puppy training into the mix and it can feel like you’re totally overwhelmed! With our online puppy training classes, avoid the commute to a puppy school, and train directly from the comfort of your home.

Can’t make a class? Not a problem! We don’t want you to miss out on any of our valuable lessons that we call PupPortal so each session is recorded and stored in our virtual campus. As an enrolled student, you can access them and watch them, whenever and however many times you need from your computer, smartphone, or tablet!

2. Access to Our Trainers & On-Demand Puppy Training Videos

All of our live online puppy training classes offer real-time coaching. Our trainers will work with owners and their puppies right from their home through screen-sharing and offer more in-depth personalized coaching and tips to apply right to their pup!  And with built-in Q&A sessions, you’ll never feel like your questions have gone unanswered so you can solve even the most challenging puppy problems!

And like most puppy problems, they can’t wait! So if you need help with your puppy behaviors sooner rather than waiting for a class, our virtual campus is stocked with a library full of on-demand puppy training videos! Biting, jumping, potty training, crate training, help with separation anxiety, coming when called, not listening — there’s a video for it and ready-to-watch when you need it!

3. Engaged Community Feedback & Support

It takes a village to raise a puppy so we created a private Facebook group of other puppy parents to encourage and support each other along the way! As an enrolled student, you’ll be automatically able to join this group and hear about special school announcements and exclusive puppy training tips!

If you’ve tried other methods of puppy training or even taken an online puppy training class in the past, our online puppy training classes are the easiest way to train your puppy at home and see results immediately! Our hybrid formula is made up of LIVE and ON-DEMAND classes to guide you through puppyhood and transform your puppy into a calm, well-behaved family dog! You can expect to…

  • Learn how to communicate with your puppy using effective reward-based training techniques and get your puppy listening to you!

  • Teach your pup EVERYTHING they need to know from basic obedience, boundaries at home and in public, and good manners to make your life easier, and for them to be a happy, well-mannered pup starting NOW!

  • Become a more confident owner, understand your puppy better, and begin building the most incredible bond with your puppy that will keep getting stronger as they grow!

The Puppy Pack Program

In this part of our program, enrolled students will attend an 8-week, interactive step-by-step training course taught LIVE by our top trainers to teach your puppy all their commands, get you communicating with each other, and shape great manners!

  • 8 LIVE & Interactive Group Classes with our top trainers!

  • Real-Time Coaching with our trainers for more in-depth and personal coaching and tips! 

  • Tips and our top training secrets to help you see puppy training results even faster!

  • Live Q&A to get all your puppyhood questions and concerns answered!

  • Weekly Homework Game Plan – just 15 minutes a day with easy steps to keep your pup progressing and seeing results fast! 

  • On-demand access to all training videos replays stored in our virtual campus, anytime!

How We Make Puppyhood Made Easy

As an enrolled client, you’ll have the option to browse and take any lesson from our catalog of on-demand PupPortal Classes deep dive puppy training videos! Tackling the most common puppy problems new owners face, these are just some of the videos available in our virtual campus library, right away as you need them!

1. POTTY TRAINING BOOT CAMP: the fastest way to potty train your pup!

2. CRATE TRAINING: dos and don’ts of using a crate!

3. NIPPING & CHEWING & JUMPING: how to manage these pesky (but very normal) puppy behaviors!

4. PUPPY HANDLING 101: learn how to properly pick up, carry, and pet your pup so they get used to it from family, friends, vet, groomer, strangers, etc!

5. PUPPIES & KIDS: how to create positive interactions between them and nurture their relationship together!

6. NOISE DESENSITIZATION: teach your puppy to be comfortable around common noises!

7. GUIDE TO GROOMING: learn the basics of how to bathe, wipe down, and brush your puppy without a fight! And yes, that includes teeth brushing, too!

8. SOCIALIZATION: how to properly introduce your puppy to other dogs, people, places,  etc. Also, learn how to read your puppy’s body language!

9. THE CALM GREETING: teach your pup to be calm when people come to the door!

10. SEPARATION ANXIETY: learn how to raise a confident and independent puppy who is comfortable being left alone!

11. PUPPY PLAY: teach playtime manners and what activities to play with your puppy!

12. TEENAGE TALK: learn what to expect and how to manage puppy adolescence! 

13. PUPPY MEDITATION: a simple and effective routine to help calm your pup’s mind and help them relax!

And to add to our online puppy training classes, we have exclusive bonuses for students to elevate their puppy’s training and add more puppy fun! Are you ready to take the next step to help transform your puppy into a well-mannered member of your family?


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