The 7 Best Sports for Dogs

Dogs are not only great companions, but they are also competent and active animals. That’s why dog sports provide an excellent way for owners to keep their dogs healthy and entertained. Dog sports can range from agility courses to dog shows, so there is something for every dog. Here are the seven best dog sports that you and your pup can participate in:

1. Agility Training – Agility training is a great way to give your dog physical and mental stimulation as they run through obstacle courses at speed while following directions from their handler.

2. Dock Jumping – Dock jumping combines swimming with other athletic skills such as running, leaping, and climbing walls of various heights into the water below. The challenge of this dog sport makes it a great activity for any dog looking for an extra challenge.

3. Disc Dog – Disc dog is a game of Frisbee between you and your dog. This dog sport is all about distance, speed, accuracy and style as the handler throws discs and the dog fetches them in mid-air.

4. Flyball – Flyball is essentially relay racing with dogs where four dogs compete against each other over a series of jumps and hurdles to reach a spring-loaded box that releases tennis balls when hit by the dog’s paw or nose. The first team to complete this task wins the race!

5. Scent Tracking – For those with intelligent pups who love to sniff out things, scent-tracking dog sports are perfect for them. This dog sport is based on the dog’s ability to follow a certain scent over an obstacle course and mark the item at the end of the track.

6. Lure Coursing – For those with high-energy dogs, lure coursing provides a fun way to give your pup an outlet for their energy. In this dog sport, you attach a long line of flags or objects to a motor that moves in circles as your dog chases after it.

7. Dog Shows – For pups who love attention and desire to show off their best side, dog shows are where they shine! Dog show competitions take place worldwide; judges evaluate the dog’s breed and conformation, obedience, agility, and more.

No matter what dog sport your pup loves, dog sports are a great way to get your dog active, having fun, and feeling their best. So why not give one of these dog sports a try today? Your pup is sure to thank you!


8. Canicross – Canicross is an exciting dog-running sport that combines running with cross-country skiing—dog owners attach themselves to their dogs via an elastic belt or line while running together through the trails. This dog sport requires physical and mental concentration as the handler navigates around obstacles while keeping pace with their dog. Canicross is a great way to bond with your dog while getting fit!