Alaska Dog Works

Testimonial: Christine Bacca

To Whom it May Concern:

I have known Robert and Michele Forto of Denver Dog Works for several months.  In February 2010 my husband and I went to Kansas to pick up the newest addition to our family Lucy the bulldog.  Lucy was raised on a farm and was used for breeding purposes and therefore lacked social skills.  I contacted Robert and Michele after we had Lucy for 6 weeks and she was still scared of noises in the house and would hide in my bedroom.  I did not know what to do to help her and I felt bad that she was so scared.  I met with Michele at their offices and scheduled a meeting for Robert to visit our home.  I have been working with Robert for approximately 6 weeks.  Robert came to our home and met Lucy and everyone in my large family.  He observed her behavior and walked us through scenarios and training techniques to use with Lucy.  Robert returned 2 weeks later for our follow up session and we discussed Lucy’s behavior and changes and then Robert walked us through the next training techniques to work with Lucy on.  Although she cannot do all of the commands that we have been given to work with, she is doing very well and does understand all but one (1) of the commands we have been working with her on.  We have been working with Lucy and using the techniques that Robert has provided us with and although she cannot do everything we have been working on she is learning and she is not scared as she was.  She is doing better everyday.  Lucy and I attended one of Michele’s training courses that are held every Saturday afternoon.  Even though Lucy did not listen and spent most of her time in time out watching and observing the other dogs and their owners, she did learn from watching and after we were home I was able to use the tools and commands Michele provided during her training class with Lucy and within hours, Lucy was able to follow the following commands “sit” and down” which she had never been taught before.  Robert emails regularly to see how Lucy is progressing and see if we have any concerns.  We are scheduled to meet with Robert again in 2 weeks.  My  experience with Robert, Michele and their company Denver Dog Works has been very positive and professional.  Eventually we will breed Lucy and the tips and training that they have provided us with will be crucial for her puppies.  We plan on utilizing these same methods to train and socialize them.   My family and I highly recommend Denver Dog Works to other friends and associates who are concerned with their dogs’ behavior and or requires training assistance for their puppies or dogs.   I feel very confident in saying that Denver Dog Works is very capable of handling any dog and working with any family to determine the owner’s and the dog’s needs and work with both for a successful outcome.  I was very impressed with Michele’s Saturday class and her calmness and professionalism with the owners and their dogs.


Christine Baca