Service Dogs for Children with Autism act as constant companions to children with autism to help them improve social interactions and relationships, expand verbal and nonverbal communication, teach life skills, increase interest in activities and decrease stress within the family. Alaska Dog Works doesn’t pass judgment, but breaks into the world of autism and becomes a crucial part of the family’s life.


Alaska Dog Works works hard to ensure each client is matched with an Assistance Dog that enhances their quality of life and independence. We know this is an ongoing process, which is why we strive to help each Assistance Dog Team prosper before, during and after certification.


The search for a client’s dog match begins as soon as their Needs Assessment has been accepted. Our goal is to make the strongest possible match for each client in the “waiting pool.” Many factors are considered when evaluating a possible client-dog pairing. Depending on the individual client, and the particular qualities of each available  Dog-in-Training, it may take up to two years to find the right match for their needs, temperament, and lifestyle.


Once a client is matched, training begins. During these 3-6 months, trainers review a client’s needs assessment and video to custom-train the Assistance Dog for tasks to enhance a client’s independence and quality of life. Alaska Dog Works’ training standards exceed the industry average. If a dog is unable to meet ADWs’ training standards, the client will be matched with another compatible Alaska Dog Works Dog as soon as possible.


When training with Alaska Dog Works is complete, the Assistance Dog is placed with the client in their home and team training begins. Over the next 4-8 months, our trainers helps the client learn how to work with their Assistance Dog in the home, workplace, school, etc. When the client and dog are working well together, the trainer videotapes them performing their tasks. This video is reviewed by our team and once approved, the Assistance Dog Team is certified and ownership of the Dog transfers to the client.

Assistance Dog Teams are tested and recertified every 24 months to ensure they continue to work well together. Follow up is conducted on alternate years or whenever a client needs additional assistance.


After certification, Alaska Dog Works remains available for support. Clients may contact our team at any time if extra training is needed, whether it’s a new task or retraining of an existing task. 

Asistance Dog Teams are also recertified every 24 months to ensure they are working at the required proficiency ADI.

When an Assistance Dog retires or passes away,  clients are eligible to apply for a Successor Dog. If accepted, priority is given to successor clients for available Assistance Dogs.


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