Recommendation: Tyler and Trouble

Trouble ADWAlaska Dog Works client wrote this awesome review of our dog training services. Thanks, Tyler!

Bottom line up front, Alaska dog works is the only place I will board and or have my dogs trained.

I have been abroad for 2 months out of the last 6 months and I do not have a single worry when Michelle picks them up at my house and takes them to her home.

I have two dogs from Afghanistan that are rescues. They are wonderful boys, but are a little more time consuming than the average dog. Michelle and her family are more than capable of handling these large, dominant, pack oriented dogs. I treat them like family and so does the Forto family.

I have made so many referrals to friends to have them send their dogs to Alaska Dog Works while they travel abroad and they have all had the same results as me.

Nothing but good things to say!


Tyler Cowan