Recommendation: Marlo

Marlo ADWTo Whom it May Concern,

Last year, I was diagnosed with a mental illness that had me feeling inadequate, helpless and most of all reclusive.  At that time I had been told I would be on medication the rest of my life to function “normally”.  There had to be a better way to deal with the illness and not have to rely on so many drugs.  I began researching and found that there are many people with my illness that have service dogs.  I wasn’t sure where to start and I did a google search and found AK Dog Works.

I called and Michele Forto came over and interviewed me and my dogs.  She was one of the few service dog trainers that would allow me to keep my pets and still have a service dog.  She worked with me and helped me train my Dachshund.  She was wonderful!  If I had questions I could call, text and email her any time.  She was quick to respond.  It went so well that she helped me train my other dogs as well and improve their manners.  I now have my pets and my service dog and they all know their place – thanks to Michele and AK Dog Works!

Her training is so good that when my son and daughter-in-law got their first puppy I called Michele to help them train her right away.  They learned a lot from her as well.

I would recommend AK Dog Works to anyone looking to train an existing dog, a  new puppy or needing a service dog.


Marlo Woodward