Recommendation: A Heartwarming Tail

Kenai ADW

Kenai is a service dog that we trained at Alaska Dog Works for a young man in Denver, Colorado. This is an update from his family that we wanted to share.

Kenai and I met Ray for lunch today.  We walked in and were seated by an elderly couple.  The woman was overcome with excitement when she saw Kenai.  I asked if she would like to visit with him.  Kenai placed his head in her lap and she lovingly petted him.  She said that their dog who helped raise their four kids would give nose kisses and asked if Kenai could do that.  I said, “go ahead and try.”  Sure enough, Kenai touched noses with her and licked her on the face. Tears glazed her eyes. They continued to observe his great behavior and adore Kenai.   They said goodbye and thanked us as she struggled to exit with her walker.  When we went to pay our bill,  the waitress informed us that they had taken care of it.Besides being Logan’s Awesome service dog, Kenai continues to seek out and love those who need him most.  When we pick Logan up at his day program, it takes Kenai 5-10 min. to make the rounds and greet everyone who wants to interact with him.  The smiles that follow are precious, especially on the faces of those who have limited mobility.
Happy 4th of July!
Kenai passed his Public Access Test and became a certified service dog this past September when Michele travelled to Denver to work with the family. We are so proud of him and his handlers! This is the reason why we do what we do, stories like these.