Protection Dog Training in Alaska

At Alaska Dog Works there are different levels of protection training. A dog must be tested and evaluated to determine if the dog has the ability and temperament for our program. We are very selective on the dog we train in our protection program.

When most people think of protection training they think of a mean or dangerous dog that has to be put away when people come to your house. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

good protection dog will be genetically well balanced, properly socialized, good with children, obedience and protection trained by a competent, experienced trainer. This dog will spend 99.9% of the time being a family pet, going for walks, riding in the car and being friendly.

And if necessary, can aggressively defend your home and family. A dog can be protection trained with or without attack training.

Most criminals will not challenge a protection dog.

Protection Dog Training Descriptions


The “Level 1” Deterrent Dog is trained to show an aggressive display on command. He will be both a visual & vocal deterrent. On command, he will lunge, show teeth, and bark aggressively at the end of the leash toward any aggressor. In the face of heavy threat, he will stand his ground. Although he will most likely bite an aggressor if physically challenged, the “Level 1” dog’s main purpose is as a deterrent, which is usually enough for most situations. Must complete “FW” or Pass Evaluation Test.


The “Level 2” Defense Dog will show the same aggressive display on command as the “Level 1” dog. However, the Defense Dog has been trained, on leash, to most effectively win a fight with aggressors who challenge it. This dog is trained to use the bone crushing power of the back of its jaw by biting deep, instead of just with the front of his mouth. This dog has also been specifically trained to counter the fight of the aggressor by biting harder and deeper. The dog is also trained to release its bite on command. Must complete “Level 1.”


The “Level 3” Offense Dog has all the training of the “Level 2” dog, but has the added option of being deployed off-leash to pursue and capture a fleeing person, or to take-on a distant threat. The offense dog is trained to use its body to knock down and hold on to a challenger. This dog will also release its bite on command from a distance. Must complete “Level 1 & 2.”

Protection Training at Alaska Dog Works
Protection Training at Alaska Dog Works

Executive Protection Training Program

Over the years we have filled a very special niche with our protection dogs. We have offered an Executive Protection Training Program. This is the ultimate in home and personal security.

We use only the finest breed of dogs in the world, imported German Shepherd Dog’s from only the best European lines.

10-Month Personal Protection Program: We customize selection and training for your personality, family, life style, business and special needs or we will assist in placement of one of our proven candidates. We also have estate training available. NOTE: This program includes a dog!

This highly specialized program starts before the dog is even born. After the dog is selected, it is is flown to our training kennel in Alaska and trained from puppyhood to become a world-class protection dog. We follow a very specific program that will prepare your dog for it’s working life.

This program is not for everyone. Serious inquiries only please!

A Note about Protection Work

The results of this type of training depends heavily on the temperament of the dog and the quality of the trainer. There are enough bad trainers out there that you have to be very careful who you choose. The best avenues for finding a good trainer are through a responsible and dedicated club or a training school with a good reputation and experience training dogs for this type of work.

There a variety of tests that a potential protection candidate must pass. Most of these tests include temperament tests which evaluates your dog’s drives and instincts and any good protection dog must be stable and trustworthy around people. The common image of a ferocious, barely controlled dog has no place in these events and tests.

Protection work in itself does not make a dog mean. In order to do protection work you must have a temperamentally stable dog. An inappropriately aggressive dog is actually not a good candidate for this work. You need a dog with confidence and good nerves. A nervous or shy dog is a poor candidate because it can not take the stress of the training. A protection dog needs both prey and defensive drives. An unbalanced dog is very difficult to train because protection work is the blending of both these drives to produce a calm, reliable dog that understands the work.

A dog must be brought along slowly to build confidence and understanding. A dog should not be hurt or frightened in order to elicit aggression. If neither prey work or defensive postures elicits a response, the dog either does not have the proper drives or it is not mature enough to handle the work.

Some owners inappropriately encourage aggression in their dogs outside of protection training. This is wrong. They sometimes do not keep the control over the dog, often delighting in the macho behavior of their dog.

Protection training will not change the dog’s basic temperament. It does give you a good view of the dog’s total temperament under stress. An edgy dog will always be edgy. A stable dog will always be stable.

If you are interested in having your dog evaluated for protection training or to learn more about our executive protection training program, contact Alaska Dog Works to schedule an appointment.