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Outdoor Housebreaking

Housebreaking teaches the dog to relieve himself outside only. During the housebreaking period, you will need to take the dog outside on a leash to the same area each time. The purpose of having him on a leash is to train him to get right down to business and not run around and play. You will also be right there to praise him when he goes in a spot you have designated for him. By taking him to the same place each time, his keen sense of smell will remind him that this is his territory he has marked as his own. He will experience a sense of déjà vu (a place he has gone before.) Once he picks up the scent, it will usually start the digestive wheels in motion.

Just before your dog begins to relieve himself, give the command you have designated for housebreaking, such as “take a break, outside, hurry ” etc. The moment your dog starts to go praise him, lavishly, get the dog really worked up when he has gone in the correct area: “Ooh! Good Boy! Tux, take a break. Yeah! Good Boy!”  Be consistent in using the same command each time.  Avoid giving the command prior to you dog starting to eliminate until he has learned what the command means.  The dog will eventually become conditioned to relieving himself at the sound of the command. This will be helpful because it is your way to communicate to the dog that this is his opportunity to use the bathroom. He will be on the schedule you set for him, not his own.

Outdoor Housebreaking Tips from the experts at Alaska Dog Works