One of the Alaska’s top dog trainers is now accepting a variety of cryptocurrency.

ANCHORAGE, AK, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2022 — According to First Paw Media, cryptocurrency has the internet abuzz and is expected to continue to be adopted and used by more people, businesses, and organizations in the future. That’s why one of Alaska’s top dog trainers, Dog Works Training Company, is now accepting payment for it’s programs via cryptocurrency.

“I tell most clients, I want to be a positive thing in your life, not another source of stress,” said Michele Forto, co-founder, President, and spokesperson for Alaska Dog Works. “I’m here to help solve your problems. The last thing I ever want is for anyone to worry about paying for dog training. Therefore, I’ve decided to begin accepting payment via cryptocurrency for those that may be having a hard time coming up with the money to pay for the service.”

“Currently, we are only accepting Bitcoin (BTC) but very soon we will be accepting other cryptocurrencies.” revealed Forto. 

The training offered at Dog Works Training Company, the parent company of Alaska Dog Works, according to Forto, is truly revolutionary and modern dog training, meaning that the company uses a variety of tools and methods to teach dogs and their owners. 

“This includes dog psychology, learning how to read body language and even getting your dog to not bolt out the door or even “stay” without ever saying a word,” Forto explained before adding, “Since we like to stay on the cutting edge of using the most effective and modern approaches in the services we provide, it makes sense that we would also accept payment via one of the most modern and leading forms which is currently cryptocurrency.”

In addition to accepting cryptocurrency, earlier this year, Forto added to her company’s mission, “Before Covid-19 hit we focused on our client base in a very small area in Alaska. Today, we strive to be the leader in building and promoting dog training and behavior consulting to dog owners around the world”

Forto also said, “we have dialed in our core beliefs, and they include: We believe in the fundamental value of the special relationship between dogs and humans, which benefits the individual and society.” Forto, added, “We believe in treating our human clients and their dogs with honesty and respect. We believe that dog training and behavior modification should be based on critical thinking, open inquiry, shared knowledge, and standard of practice.”

“We believe that reward-based training enhances the human-animal bond Forto said. She is a graduate of Canine Communications Studies and is currently enrolled in an executive coaching master’s degree at Liberty University.

Anyone interested in her services can schedule a call today.

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