Miles with Mutts

Attention Alaska Dog Owners, Clients, and Friends: Starting this spring, after breakup, there is a cool program at the local shelter. 
MSB AC&R is excited to share our upcoming Pilot Program – Matanuska Miles & Mutts! This program is aimed at community members helping us lower the overall FAS (fear/anxiety/stress) levels in our Shelter Pets by taking them on Field Trips!
Miles and Mutts is for Community Members looking to walk, hike, or adventure with adoptable shelter dogs. These field trips help shelter dogs manage kennel stress, burn off energy and get more exposure to potential adopters. It’s also great excuse to get out and have fun with a canine sidekick.
Dogs that are taken on outings as part of a shelter program are nearly always happier. Exercising releases endorphins that make a dog feel good and uses up energy that otherwise manifests itself as undesirable behavior such as pacing, barking and aggression. Not only is this great in the short term, but a happier and less hyperactive dog also has a better chance of finding a permanent home. A well exercised dog is far more likely to be on its best behavior when prospective owners are visiting.
• Pets are good for people.
• People are good for pets.
• When you get them together, everyone benefits.
(We want to extend a huge thank you to Garin Cruz, of Redbirch Branding Design for his help in making this logo come to life!)