Lead Dog Service Dog: Rags

Here at Alaska Dog Works we do things a little different than most service dog companies. First we do not have a waiting list where you will wait for a couple years before a dog is ready for you to work with. Second, we are not a non-profit so we don’t spend all of our time sitting in the office writing grant proposals and answering to boards that may or may not know anything about service dogs or dog training for that matter.

Last year we finished a Labrador Retriever for a young solider that has PTSD. The dog’s name is Rags and he spent the first year with us training. In that time his owner/handler moved to Texas. What did we do? We flew Rags down and met his owner at a theme park! We did Rag’s final public access test amongst roller coasters, tons of kids and sights and sounds everywhere.

We wrote up a bit of our day here. Take a read.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Service Dogs