Keep Up with Your Dog’s Training During the Holidays

Continuing with your canine’s training, regardless the time of year, is crucial to nurturing and reinforcing your bond with your dog, whether he’s a puppy or adult dog.

While it may be tempting to slack off and take a break, a gap in your dog’s regular training can have disastrous consequences, especially during the holidays when we need to keep all our pets safe and happy.

Consider for a moment the holidays through your dog’s eyes; LOTS of yummy smells and food, lights, music, candles, pretty gifts and snacks all within reach, not to mention all the strangers coming and going and a giant tree that just begs to be peed on (or at least chewed upon)!

Reinforce these 5 Basic Dog Training Skills

All puppies and adult dogs need to know basic commands for their own well-being and safety. Teaching – and reinforcing – these skills before the busy holidays will ensure a happier and stress-free holiday for both your dog and you.

Expecting a dog to listen and obey (without the proper training and reinforcement) when things are at their busiest, is an accident waiting to happen. Set aside time now to work with your dog every day.

(If you need to teach the basics or your dog needs a refresher course, contact a canine professional to help you make the most of
the time before the holidays. We can help!)

These 5 dog commands below are essential for safely guiding your dog through the hustle and bustle of the holidays with success! Even before your guests arrive, take a few minutes for a quick refresher course with your dog to ensure the best results.

1. Sit

The quintessential command every dog (no matter their age) needs to understand and obey immediately.

2. Stay

This command usually follows the “sit” command to keep your dog under control and away from unsafe situations.

3. Come

This command will properly be one of the most used during the holidays. To get your dog away from the dining room table, food, people, decorations, the front door, even the Christmas tree and presents and more.

4. Leave it / Off

This command also works well with the situations listed under #3.

5. Down / Settle / Go to Bed

If your dog responds reliably to these commands, they can be a great directive for your dog to leave everyone and everything alone. If they don’t reliably obey this command, put them behind a baby gate or in a crate.

Be Honest About Your Dog

Before you expect your to react appropriately in a noisy and busy household with new smells, sounds and people during the holidays, take an honest assessment of their typical behavior and current skills and abilities.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Does your dog tend to hide from different people or become anxious?
  • Is your dog easily overwhelmed? (CBD & hemp supplements can help too!)
  • Does your dog tend to ignore you/your commands?
  • Do you have a young puppy?
  • Does your dog like to nip or jump?

If you can honestly say “yes” to any of the above questions, be proactive and contain your dog (or puppy) behind a baby gate or in a crate for their own safety and the safety and well-being of your guests.

Nothing ruins a holiday gathering faster than your giant dog jumping on Grandma and sending her to the ER!

Keep Up with Your #DogTraining During the Holidays