K9 Spotlight: Kristy and Luna

Kristy Donovan and Luna



Luna came into our lives as an 8 week old 20 lb bundle of joy in November 2017. I had great plans for this girl but life and Luna had different ones. My dogs are my babies. They have me trained well. Luna and I did do some nose work classes and she’s really good at it. Until there is a group of people watching her while she’s being tested. Luna doesn’t like people much. It takes her days to warm up and accept someone new. It took her 5 weeks to accept our new puppy. I’ll post about him another time. Luna likes to go camping (glamping) in our trailer that we now have down in Seward so we can go visit the grand babies. Luna loves her grandbabies. They were the only humans she accepted right off the bat. Luna likes to go for walks and bark and all the dogs she’s sees while we are out. It can be a challenge. Her favorite place is daycare. Go figure. We think she secretly likes other dogs but just doesn’t want anyone else to know.

The Gear: Mendota Slip Lead

The slip leash has been amazing for everyday walks and training.

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