K9 Spotlight: Jeremy T. Grant and Timber

Jeremy T. Grant and Timber

Videographer // Adventure Dog


I have been running an adventure film and media company for the past 7 years leading me to so amazing places meeting some incredible people. Along with these amazing experiences I have also been battling my PTSD and have wanted for my adult life an adventure buddy and service dog and over a year ago I was blessed to find Timber. He is a pure breed Sable German shepherd and had been such a loyal and loving companion. He has been my sidekick on all of my local adventures from exploring waterfalls or Maines rugged coast.

But he has been great for the small day to day things like kids soccer games when im in crowds surrounded by lost of people and my PTSD is a struggle. He has been by my side helping calm me down so I can focus on the important moments and enjoy my kids and family. With continued training he will be the service dog that I’ve always needed.

Timber truly is a remarkable friend and each day and adventure with him is something to look forward to.

The Gear: Mendota Slip Lead

The slip leash has been amazing for everyday walks and training.

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