Impulsive Dog Training

By Michele Forto

We, at Alaska Dog Works have been noticing an increase in what I like to call Impulsive Dog Training.  Impulsive Dog Training means, a person with good intentions to do the right thing for their dog who makes a quick decision only to change their mind and never show up for training.

In other words, I evaluate and interview several people a week who are interested in dog training, some are shopping around (which I recommend) but others are just coming by to fill that guilty void of not training their dog and by signing up they are letting themselves off the hook.

Training is a commitment to the well-being, mental and physical health of your dog.  Signing up with a trainer and then not following through with your commitment wastes the time of the trainer who just built a training plan for you and your goals but it also wastes the time of your pet.

When you pick up your dog or puppy for the first time you have all kinds of ideas as to how you’d like your dog/puppy to turn out. Hopefully you didn’t pick out your puppy or rescued dog on an impulse either, this will only exemplify your guilt.  If you aren’t ready for a 10 to 15 year commitment to a pet then do not get one.  Proper veterinarian care and training are both required to give your dog the best overall health and valuable life.

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