How to Train a Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog

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The Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog origins come from near the Carpathian Mountains. The breed is very impressive in size and character.

Used for centuries to guard livestock in its homeland of Romania, the Mioritic Sheepdog is a typical Livestock Guarding Dog (LGD). Loyal, reliable, independent, and fiercely protective, he is friendly and devoted to his family but very mistrusting of strangers. It is a large dog with long coat which requires regular grooming, and with any dog of this size and temperament requires daily exercise and basic obedience training. Mioritics are lively and stubborn but in spite of all their independence they are very sensitive creatures in their furry armor. As puppies they stick to the pack which has accepted them. This can be any kind of creature ‘ dog, cat, horse, sheep, the Mioritic needs very close family ties; a house without doors it thinks would be ideal. This certainly depends a great deal on the weather. Its favorite place is always very close to its favorite person. It determines its resting place itself. This may even be the couch or a carpet not suitable for dogs, but as a rule shepherds, even as puppies, prefer to sleep on hard ground. They need no dog baskets, no special mattresses and by no means an allocated place. No ‘work creating’ program is necessary but daily walks and hikes provide exciting variation.


The Mioritic has typical Livestock Guard Dog qualities. Its personality is characterized by strong independence and a high self-confidence. The main task of the shepherd dog is the impressive deterrence of all possible troublemakers. It need not be trained for that, it simply knows it. From early youth onwards one must teach the dog not to make use of his set of threatening behaviours (self-display, barking, charging). It clearly differentiates between unknown and familiar. It is friendly and reliable towards all acquaintances but shows refusal and mistrust towards strangers. Only after close examination are they accepted in its elitist circle of friends.

The Mioritic is very loyal, affectionate, reliable, understanding, and willing to compromise towards its pack, its family or owner. It is a tolerant, gentle friend for children and it is willing to act as a cuddly blanket but it is not really fond of playing.

Quick Facts

Temperament: Independent / Loyal / Confident Guardian

Height: 22.5-29 inches

Weight: 100-130 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

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Because the Mioritic is recently rescued from the countryside in Romania there is little medical information available. We do know that bloat is always a danger, as it is with any large breed dog. Also hip dysplasia has been seen. Those dogs who do live a normal healthy life have been known to live up to 14 years.

Recommended Health Tests From the National Breed Club:
  • Hip Evaluation
  • Elbow Evaluation
  • Caer Eye Examination
  • Dentition Check


Despite the breed´s scraggly fur, our dogs are very low-maintenance. They do not require a bath, nor daily brushing. In the event that they become wet or totally filthy, the dogs are simply confined for a time, until the dirt, mud, or what-not may be easily brushed out. A dry Mioritic is a clean Mioritic. Besides the daily monitoring of eyes, ears, and teeth, the dogs also undergo a thorough grooming once a week. The pups are accustomed to the grooming procedures early on as part daily training, since grooming serves establish hierarchy: The dog allowing the grooming, accepts the dominance of the one doing grooming.


Growing puppies will have plenty of energy and will need daily walks and attention. Adults will be much more taciturn and a daily walk would be enough for them. Livestock Guarding Dog’s in general are not high energy because their preference is to stay with the flock (or people).


Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog’s are extremely territory conscious and they are incorruptible guardians. But their territory does not end at the property gate! It can be anywhere where the pack is or stays. Everything is guarded that can be seen from a watch post usually chosen at an elevated place. They are absolute creatures of habit which react immediately to anything unusual first with attention, then by loud barking and, if necessary, with attack or defense. The ‘little sheep’ are serious guardians who love their territory, their pack and their routines’¦and all this they do not want to see being disturbed.


Like every other Livestock dog the Mioritic uses its food well and needs much, much less than one might assume; particularly less than various food manufacturers recommend on their packages. When using kibble please choose one with a low protein content as LGD’s do not metabolize high protein well. There is no patent recipe. A combination of dry kibble, ground raw, vegetables, fruits, eggs and even low fat table scraps (noodles, rice, oats) can be used with the adult dog, which should be fed twice a day to avoid overeating and bloat. Puppies are fed 4 times a day while they are growing. Be careful not to feed too much. Any food not consumed within 15 minutes should be removed and the dog should rest for 1-2 hours after eating to ensure good digestion. Fresh water must be available at any time.

Do you want to have your Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog be one of the best-trained dogs? Click here to find out how