How to Train a DalmaPoo

Dalmapoo dogs are a fascinating dog breed in the market. They are a designer breed of Dalmation and a purebred poodle and have different names like Dlmapo, Dalmadoodle, Dalmationpoo, and Dalma poodle.

What Are the Characteristics of Dalmapoo?

01.   Personality

As both the parents of Dalmapoo (Dalmation and Poodle) have charming personalities; that’s why Dalmapoo also through a magnetic effect on the eyes of people.

They are super energetic dogs that are bred for racing with carriage and can make you entirely joyous. Different colors of their coats like black, brown, apricot, sable, cream silver, and white add much beauty to their personality.

Moreover, a combination of big and small spots on the body of a Dalmation and the furry coat of a poodle can bring an irresistible Dalmadoodle. It possesses the loyal personality trait of a Poodle and is energetic from the Dalmation.

In addition, Good temperament, moderate training efforts, good sense of socialization, playfulness, loyalty, intelligence, good sense of guarding, etc, are the prominent traits of their personality.

The Dalmapoo with lean and thin legs run and jump like a dear and can amuse the people around them.

If we generalize their personality, they are suitable to keep at home because they’re loyal, friendly, playful, and well socialized. Besides this, they can be your best partner when you are busy with your studies or business; they can help you out with small deeds and remains happy by doing.

02.   Size – Weight & Height and stop growing


There is a little bit of difference between the sizes of male and female Dalmapoo but you may be confused about picking any one of them based on their size. Usually, it is 15-19 (38.1-48.2 cm) inches when a male Dalmapoo gets fully grown. In the case of a female Dalmapoo, it is 14-18 (35.5-45.7 cm) inches.

Weight and Height

In general, a fully grown male Dalmadoodle weighs between 40 to 75 pounds (18.1-34 kg) whereas a female Dalmadoodle weighs between 40 to 65 (18.1-29.4 kg) pounds on average.

These crossbreed doodles complete their growth (in height) between 12 to 16 months whereas weight continues to increase till the age of two years.

03.   Lifespan

Dalmapoo dogs are demanding cross breed. They can maintain their good health from 11 to 14 years if they are looked after well.

Moreover, they are often easy to keep at home. But they can reduce their lifespan if you show laziness in their diet and exercise.

04.   Shedding

Dalmapoo dogs have a furry coat like their parent Poodle. Yet they are less furry than Poodle. As we know Poodles are non-shedding dogs whereas the Dalmations shed a lot.

Now, the shedding of Dalmadoodle depends on every individual puppy. If its coat is similar to the Poodle, it won’t shed or may be much less.

But, if it is similar to the Dalmation-type coat, it would shed here and there. However, they shed less as compared to the Dalmation even after having the Dalmation type coat.

05.   Temperament

Dalmations are very sensitive dogs and have loyal relationships with their family and friends. And also they are super-active and energetic dogs. In the same way, Poodles are also loyal, active, fresh, smart and friendly dogs.

Though Dalmapoo is the cross between Dalmation and Poodle that produce Dalmadoodles that fulfill the owner’s demand and almost all the traits of gentle temperaments.

06.   Family dog / Kid-friendly / Loyal

Dalmapoo dogs always prove their loyalty to their family and friends. That’s why they are considered family-friendly dogs. And also they enjoy the company of different people as they are well-socialized dogs.

Moreover, they enjoy playing with kids. Dalmapoo dogs are pretty playful dogs. They love to run, jump and race with the kids and cars.

Additionally, both the Dalmation and the Poodle enjoy doing something anytime. So, they enjoy family, friends, and kids’ company all the time.

07.   Intelligence

Both the parents of Dalmapoo are intelligent. In general, they have gentle traits in their personality but sometimes they behave strangely.

If you adopt them in childhood you can inherit gentle and smooth characteristics in them. They are sensitive and intelligent dogs and try to please their owners. That’s why they follow the instructions given by their owners.

08.   Easy to train?

Yes! Dalmadoodles are easy to train if they’ve more personality traits than the Poodle. Poodles are easy to train because they are smart and intelligent dogs. You won’t need to face hectic routines to train them. You can easily train them with a little practice on daily basis. Also, give them an outside tour on daily basis to keep them fresh and calm.

If Dalmapoo has more Dalmation personality traits, he can be easy to moderate in training. Dalmation is super-active. Their lean and long legs help them jump and run easily.

Often they are easy to train but sometimes they are stubborn and independent and can put you in difficulty. The good thing is that it is not difficult to train them to behave gently. You need to adopt a consistent behavior of calmness and coolness for some time to make them well-socializing and family-friendly dogs.

Moreover, keep them busy with small deeds, give them toys or take them outside.

09.   Aggression

Dalmapoo puppies are usually cool and calm dogs. They like to meet new people and learn new habits and behavior. They enjoy going out and playing with the other dogs.

Dalmapoo can get aggressive when they don’t find a way to utilize their energy.

10.   Weather tolerance – hot & cold

These dogs enjoy playing outside in winter. Their furry coat helps them to maintain their body temperature during winter. Cold weather doesn’t affect them.

They are sensitive to hot weather and can’t bear the increase in temperature. You must take care of them when the sun shines aggressively. It is good to take them to the swimming pool. Also, arrange a cool environment in the house.

11.   Stranger friendly

As we know that Dalmdoodles are bred from the Dalmation and Poodle. Dalmations are stranger-friendly if they are trained well. Whereas the Poodles are one of the most family-friendly and stranger-friendly dogs.  

In the same way, Dalmapoo also likes to meet new people and the other pups. Also, they enjoy entertaining themselves and the other people around them.

12.   Barking and howling

Like all the other dogs Dalmadoodles also bark (as it is a dog’s instinct). They bark when they see an entirely stranger – when they have any type of insecurity from the strangers. They stop barking after becoming familiar with the strangers.

Moreover, they bark when they are alone as they hate to be alone and get frustrated. Also, they bark when they feel any unexpected situation, weather discomfort, or any health disorder.

13.   Energy level / Playfulness

The energy level in the Dalmapoo is medium to high. They are bred to run with the horsecart. That’s why they are energetic.

Besides this, you can’t make them calm by keeping them all day at home. If you want to see them happy, you must bring them to any dog park or any other public place where your puppy could consume its energy for almost two hours a day.

Dalmapoo love to play with family members and toys as well. They became irritated when are enclosed in small apartments and can be flared up. Keeping them busy in any type of activity is the perfect way to utilize their energy positively.

The fact is!

If you want to adopt a Dalmadoodle, get ready to be super-active. Also, provide them with an apartment with an open yard.

14.   As a Watchdog

One of the dalmapoo parents Poodle is a good watchdog but not a good guard dog. Whereas, Dalmations are good guard dogs.

Dalmation picks up the order and gestures of its owners abruptly and follows them. Also, they can take care of the situation very well even in the absence of its owner.

So, this personality trait can be varied in every individual Dalmapoo. Because if it gets more from the Dalmation it would be good as a guard dog and if gets more from the Poodle it would be good as a watchdog.

Adoption & Taking care Guides of Dalmapoo

Here are the guides you must know before adopting a Dalmapoo. Because they are such a breed that is getting popular among people day by day.

15. Price of a puppy

These puppies are available in the market from average to high prices.  You can get it directly from the breeder at the cost of $800 to $2000.

However, if you want a low-priced Dalmapoo doodle, you’ll find it easily at an animal shelter (but can’t change the food cost and other expenditures).

16. Cost of adoption – Food, grooming, medicine

A Dalmapoo can be medium to high expensive to own as a pet. The daily cost of only its food is $1.20 to $1.40 which becomes $34 to $45 per month approximately.

The annual cost of adopting the Dalmadoodle can be approximately $1200. Then it decreases every year. It covers vaccinations, vet fees, and other necessities.

17. Diet

A proper diet is the first thing that can make your doodle happy and healthy. So, pet lovers get worried about the food of their puppies after buying them. They can’t decide what to feed them because they don’t want to lose their pup’s pleasure.

Someone said right! HEALTH IS WEALTH.

So, without further ado, I want to make you aware of the best foods you can feed your Dalmadoodle.

Ollie Pet food

Ollie pet food is full of all the necessary nutrients for your Dalmapoo. Olli’s produces fresh food that is away from artificial flavors. Though flavors taste yummy but aren’t good for the delicate stomachs.

Ollie produces food that is enjoyable for all the dogs. It’s not the case that one type of food is given to all types of breeds, but they add different nutrients for the different breeds.

Moreover, you can try this food without worrying about the results. The only cons of this food is its high price.

Wellness Core Complete

This food is best for dogs who are energetic and active. It is a protein-rich food that is necessary for the Dalmadoodles. It covers 34% of the entire food and the source is taken from the turkey food and chicken foods. Moreover, it contains more proteins than wet pet food.

The main ingredients of this food are chicken liver, chicken fat, salmon oil, and flaxseed. Also, it is rich in omega 3, fatty acids, and minerals that keep your dalmapoo’s skin fresh and dense.

Moreover, the wellness core complete contains a good combination of fruit and vegetables. Potatoes add carbohydrates to this food. No grains are part of this pet food but have probiotics.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection

This food is especially suitable for Dalmapoo puppies because it consists of all the necessary ingredients that help in growth. If you buy a Dalmapoo puppy and can’t decide what to feed them at this early age, then blue buffalo life protection is a perfect match.

The main ingredients of this food are high protein, fish oil, flaxseed oil, and other helpful fat for growth. Also, it contains grains. So, the Dalmadoodles who are allergic to grains should be kept away from this food.

Hill’s Science Diet

It is a balanced pet diet specially made for the strong growth of the Dalmadoodles. The main ingredients are minerals and vitamins C and E, chicken and oats that are necessary to strengthen the puppy’s bones, eyesight, spine, immune system and muscles.

Some dogs are foody dogs same as human beings. They have an active instinct to eat more than they need. Thus, they get sick due to indigestion. Hill’s science diet helps in this case. Its balanced formulation stops your Dalmapoo from getting fat and sick.

Hill’s science diet is recommended for the old age Dalmadoodles. Also, it is expensive food but is through good results to the sound health of your furry Dalmapoo.

Taste of the Wild

This food is considered the best due to its affordable price. Many people can’t afford the other expensive foods then they buy this one.

The taste of wild is made of salmon, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, vegetables, and fruits. It doesn’t contain grains, thus, can be given to grain-allergic dogs.

This food is available in the market in 30 lbs bag pack and this pack is much more cost-effective than the other expensive foods.

Though it is budget-friendly, it is allergic food. In many cases, dog owners complain that their Dalmapoo dogs are allergic to the taste of the wild.

Besides all these foods, you can feed them homemade food of lean meat and fresh vegetables.

18. Routine exercise

Dalmapoo needs daily exercise to consume energy. It should be anywhere 10 miles every week.

They enjoy going out with you for jogging or hiking. Also, they love physical activities like jumping and playing with toys and kids.

19. Novice owners

It is awesome to own a Dalmadoodle but novice owners can make some mistakes that can bring dangerous results. Here are some guides for novice Dalmapoo owners:

·         Dalmapoo should never be kept alone in a small or enclosed apartment

·         Prevent them from overheating during summer (or they can get severely sick)

·         Make them utilize their energy in positive ways

·         During the training process, keep yourself calm and train them gently

·         Feed them healthy food and take them to the vet for proper maintenance, occasionally


20. Haircuts

Dalmapoo dogs have a wavy coat (medium to long) that needs to be trimmed twice a month. Especially, in summer, they get overheated due to the furry coat. They are also heat-sensitive dogs and can’t bear it. You can trim their fur with the help of scissors and clippers.

Also, brush the hairs daily to keep them well personality dogs and wash the hairs to clean the dust. Always use a recommended shampoo by the vet to protect their skin and hair. Also, brush their teeth at least twice a week and clip their toenails.

21. Colors

There are some beautiful colors available in Dalmapoo’s coat. These are:

·         White

·         Black

·         Brown

·         Apricot

·         Cream Silver

·         Sable

In general, Dalmapoo dogs have a charming white furry coat with black big spots on their body.


22. Hypoallergenic

Generally, Dalmapoo dogs are low-shedding dogs. These dogs are not completely hypoallergenic as you may hear from somebody.

Dalmations shed a lot and if your dalmapoo is more from the Dalmation it would shed excessively, without a doubt. But, Poodle is an extremely low shedding dog and if your Dalmapoo is more from the Poodle traits, it would shed pretty less.

23. Allergies

Dalmapoo dogs often have skin allergies, ear infections, and eye infections. Sometimes, these allergies are seasonal and the other time permanent diseases.

If we analyze dalmadoodle’s parents. Dalmations have many types of skin allergies. Thus, Dalmapoo also can have. In the same way, poodles have to face food allergies and the breed dogs also can have.

If you find your furry Doodle facing skin allergy, add chamomile, green tea, and calendula in the bathtub. These ingredients are good to normalize the itchy skin.

Moreover, you must go to the vet to prevent a severe condition. Make sure to use clean accessories and keep them in a clean environment.

Poodles are allergen to chicken fat, dairy, beef, wheat gluten, and soy. That’s why feed your Dalmapoo tried and tested food that is recommended by the vet.

24. Vaccination

Vaccinations are helpful to prevent puppies and dogs from fatal diseases. Some vaccines should be done in the early days or weeks and the others can go up to years.

To get your Dalmapoo righteously vaccinated, visit the pet medical care center and make a vaccination chart. After that, you would be able to vaccinate your dog easily.


Don’t forget to vaccinate your pet against Coronavirus.

25. Health issues

These dogs face many health issues if are not treated well. When you own a puppy Dalmapoo, you should check him to the vet and take a medical receipt of his fitness. After that, go to the vet occasionally because he can be prone to the disease given below.

  • ·         Joint dysplasia
  • ·         Deafness
  • ·         Skin problems
  • ·         Eyes diseases
  • ·         Disordered kidneys
  • ·         Addison’s disease
  • ·         Epilepsy
  • ·         Cushing’s disease

Pet owners are afraid to have a deaf pet, of course.


26. Origin

The Poodles were initially hunting dogs. Germany is their origin but afterward French made them the Poodles that sold like hot cake in the market. Then they have been a part of circuses to amuse the people. In 1886 American Kennel Club also recognized them.

The origin of the Dalmatians is not clear but Middle Ages people used them like a hound. After that, they were adopted as carriage dogs in the 1800s. Also, they originated from Egypt.

27. Parent breeds

Dalmapoo dogs are a mixed breed of Poodle and Dalmation. Dalmations have black big and small spots on their body that looks fantastic on the furry coat of Dalmadoodles. They have been a part of movies too.

The biggest fault of Dalmations is deafness. Thus, Dalmapoo possibly inherits this trait and you must be aware of this.

Besides this, Poodles are also popular among pet owners due to their gentle behavior and charming looks. There are hundreds of types of Poodle mix-breeds available known as doodles.


The Dalmpoo dogs are the Dalmation and Poodle mix-breed dogs. These are the mix-up of the gentleness of Poodle and alertness of Dalmation. No doubt, this combination made such dogs that are perfect companions to keep at home.

Though they are active, smart, and energetic dogs, they are playful, loyal, and caretakers. If you adopt them for the first time you may face a couple of difficulties. Intelligent dogs understand their owner’s advice quickly. Thus, keep calm and let your dog be friendly with you.

If you’ve gone through all the facts about Dalmpoo given in this article, you’ll have gotten a clear idea of when and how to adopt this fancy dog and how to deal with him.