how to celebrate Mardi Gras with my dog

How to Celebrate Mardi Gras With Your Dog

Let’s be honest… it’s hard not to daydream about the French Quarter this time of year— entertained by traditional marching jazz bands, humored by the elaborate costumes and stuffed from delicious Creole & Cajun food!! Every year, people travel near and far wanting to see the famous Fat Tuesday celebration for themselves. If you are a pet owner who prefers to travel with your pet, however, Mardi Gras is not the place to be. Between the large, erratic crowds, loud music, and occasional firework, it’s safe to say that this decorated festival is not dog friendly. So if you can’t find a pet sitter and are celebrating at home with your pup, here’s how to bring the magic of Mardi Gras straight to your living room.

8 Ways to Celebrate Mardi Gras With Dogs

1. Decorate Your Space

Get Mardi Gras ready by decorating your space in green, gold, and purple decor. Set the mood with all things glitter, and if it’s not loud then it’s not happening.

When it comes to your pup, decorate their space as well! Make them a bed in blankets that sport the festival colors or set up Christmas lights or streamers in and around their dog house. Remember that more is more when it comes to Mardi Gras decor.

2. Dress Up

First things first! It’s not a true Mardi Gras unless you dress the part and there’s no exception when it comes to your pup. Craft matching costumes or festive masks for you and your furry pal with materials such as beads, feathers, sequins, and glitter. No time to craft? Browse festive Mardi Gras themed costumes, bandanas, t-shirts and collars online.

Always ensure that your dog is comfortable in costume; that they can see and move freely without any trouble and that their costume isn’t a choking hazard. And if you don’t have anything super festive for the occasion, just sport the traditional colors of Mardi Gras: purple, green and gold.

And don’t forget to order some apparel with your dog’s breed so you can match them throughout the year!

3. Beads or it Didn’t Happen

Beads go hand in hand with dressing up and are an essential, must-have for Mardi Gras season. And although beads might look cute on your pup, be super careful that they don’t trip or get tangled up. Finally, if your pup is a known chewer it’s probably best to skip the beads as they can be a serious choking hazard. We trust that you will make the right decision for you pup so that they can strut their stuff safely and in style.

4. Assemble a K9 Krewe

A “krewe” is a private organization that produces festivities such as social gatherings or parades during the Mardi Gras season. Organize a meetup with some doggy friends, dress in costume, come up with a fun name, and start a K9 krewe of your own! You can even take it a step further and organize a neighborhood parade or gathering to celebrate Mardi Gras with your community.

5. Attend a Local Parade

Mardi Gras isn’t solely celebrated in New Orleans. In fact, it’s typically celebrated all over the country. And depending on where you live, there might be a doggy parade near you! Do some research with your Krewe and see what type of parade festivities are local in your area. Sign up to host a float or walk the parade in Mardi Gras themed costumes with your entire krewe. If you happen to live in Louisiana or find yourself visiting during Mardi Gras, check out the colorful parade by the Krewe of Barkus in New Orleans or Mardi Paws Parade in Mandeville.

6. Costume Contest

If you’re already throwing a Mardi Gras party, might as well host a costume contest as well. It can be strictly for dogs only or maybe include the owners and make it more interactive. Award prizes to those best-dressed and turn it into a fun tradition to look forward to.

7. Feast With Your Pals

Mardi Gras is all about indulgence and you can expect nothing less when it comes to the variety of food and drink available throughout the festival. Research recipes to cook your very own New Orleans inspired dish, like hushpuppies or po’boys, or order takeout instead. As for your pup, you can always add Mardi Gras Mash to their meal. This traditional style, seasonal stew is grain-free and includes an assortment of meats, fruits and vegetables. Find a recipe online or see if you can order locally.

8. Don’t Forget the King Cake

King Cake is a long-standing Mardi Gras tradition and is only available during the festival season. And in case you were wondering, your furry pal can partake if you use a dog-friendly recipe – it’s probably best to leave out the cinnamon or only use a very small amount of it. Here are more foods to avoid giving your dog.

Remember, celebrating Mardi Gras isn’t just limited to those who can be in New Orleans and you can easily adopt some of its beloved traditions no matter where you are in the world. So if you’re in the Mardi mood, we invite you to take a page from our book, celebrate with your pup, and make it a night to remember.


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