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Most people who bring a dog into their lives intend to have a close friendship with their pet. For their part, dogs also desire a close bond with their humans. A strong relationship between canine and humans allows dogs to feel relaxed, safe, and trusting, which means they’ll be more likely to accept and obey commands.

This dynamic is precisely how our Peak Performance dog training will strengthen the owner/pet bond between you and your K9 Buddy.

We know that specific behaviors build strong bonds between people and their dogs. Consistent feeding, daily walks, playtime, properly-timed affection, and grooming are all essential components of a great relationship with your dog.

Without structured training, though, your relationship with your dog will come under strain sooner or later. On the other hand, proper training will strengthen your connection immediately and over your dog’s entire life.

Improved Communication

Most dogs are eager to please their owners. Through our training program, you’ll learn to communicate clearly with your dog and use proper timing to reinforce the behavior you want to encourage. Your dog’s confidence in herself and her ability to trust you will increase rapidly with each successful training session.

Improved Safety

You are responsible for your dog’s safety. Your dog probably does not understand that he shouldn’t bark at passing dogs, run into the street, chase cats, or nab a tasty sandwich off the dining table. Each of these behaviors can carry life-threatening consequences for your dog, and obedience training, recall training, and leash training are the methods by which you can keep your dog safe.

Again, when your dog fully trusts you to keep him safe and guide him correctly, he will adore you all the more. Likewise, you’ll fall even more in love with your well-behaved, reliable dog! This mutualistic dynamic is the best way to maximize your dog’s well-being and ensure he moves safely and respectfully through the world.

For these reasons, we strongly advocate training courses for all dogs.

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Avoiding Punishment

Without proper training for owner/dog pairs, people often operate under the misconception that punishment is not only their responsibility as owners but is also the only way to “control” their dog. Whether these actions are driven by outdated and disproved ideas about dominance and pack hierarchy or by following the example of their own parents as dog owners, they are always destructive to the owner/pet bond.

Punishments like pinning a dog down, smacking, hitting with a newspaper or magazine, yelling, and otherwise frightening her will only cause her to become distressed, confused, aggressive, or depressed. The truth is that dogs do not understand punishment at all!

Instead, proper techniques like redirection, well-timed positive reinforcement, preventive training, and proactive guidance are essential for creating a dynamic in which punishment is never involved.

We know you’ll be delighted to go through your dog’s ages and stages without feeling the need to lash out in frustration or helplessness. Your dog will never learn to fear you, hide their feelings and reactions, or feel anxiety over not understanding your commands.

Alaska Dog Works has the tools to help you create the most enjoyable dynamic an owner and dog can have, and we want to share them with you! Please contact us today to learn more about our various canine training programs for dogs of any age and stage. We look forward to describing our offerings and finding the right spot for you and your dog.

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