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How Do I Get a Service Dog for Free?

Quite simply train your own.

Have you ever heard the phrase, nothing in life is free? Or do you get what you pay for?

Well, this rings true for service dogs. Not every dog can be a service dog. Even if it provides you with a service naturally. There are several factors that are involved with a professionally trained service dog. Service dogs are medical devices that work with an individual to provide them with medical support and safety while providing the person with specifically trained tasks that make their lives more functional.

There are no guidelines or regulations or licenses for service dogs. Meaning anyone can train their own dog. Having a professional do the training for you is not a requirement although it is highly recommended. It takes two years to fully train a service dog. During that time it is important that your puppy develop good habits, the proper skills, socialization, acceptance of humans and other animals, be able to concentrate on their job and not become distracted, perform the specialized tasks that the individual requires and be able to adapt those tasks and skills as they may change over time for the individual. Having a professional do the initial training during the first 2 years with you or for you has great benefits. No matter who does the initial training the training must be maintained throughout the working life of the dog. Professional trainers will require a recertification test every two years to ensure that the dog is performing optimally and to address any issues or changes that may have developed.


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