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How Do I Find a Service Dog Trainer in Alaska?

Did you know that Alaska Dog Works has a service dog training program right here in Alaska? That’s right. We have been offering service dog training in Alaska since 2010.  Service dog training is very specific though. If you are interested in having a dog professionally trained for your specific service needs you should research what types of services are available.

Our very own Michele Forto is a certified professional service dog trainer specializing in psychiatric service dogs, autistic service dogs, and mobility service dogs. Each of these specializations is tailored to each individual.  Michele Forto has been training service dogs since 2006 and has developed a unique training program that involves the handler/recipient in each step during the two-year training program.

When you do your research you will find a lot of information about how to find service dog training in Alaska by visiting and then clicking on the service dog training tab. That will take you to the Lead Dog Service Dog Training program offered through Michele Forto at Alaska Dog Works. This page will answer a lot of your questions. There is an application located there that is the first step along with scheduling a phone consultation with Michele Forto so that she can answer all of your questions regarding service dogs.


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