Thanksgiving treats for dogs Alaska Dog Works



Thanksgiving treats for dogs Alaska Dog Works

Thank you for agreeing to submit a testimonial!

We’d like to thank you for being a part of Alaska Dog Works. If you have used us for your training, can we give you a $50 gift card and a bag of Tailwagger coffee?

Happy Thanksgiving! 

At Alaska Dog Works we are incredibly grateful to you and we could not be more thankful that you have given us the opportunity to do what we are great at and what we love to do everyday.

Thank you.

We want to hear your stories and be able to share them to help other dog owners see true peak performance with their dogs.

We are willing to give you a free gift if you do!

Here is what we are asking for:

  1. Use your cellphone and film a quick 1-2 minute video telling your story about how your dog and/or your life was changed by our training program. **Please be sure to record your video in horizontal mode instead of vertical.

A simple format for the video could be:

–My dog was… (explain the problem you were having or what goals you wanted to achieve)

–We decided on Alaska Dog Works because…

–My dog is…(explain how things have improved).

  1. Upload the video: Submit Testimonial Here
  2. After you have uploaded it send us a quick email to with your mailing address and we will send you the $50 gift card and your coffee.


Thanks again!