St Patricks Day and my dog


The dog that was once a lowly companion to humans is now a beloved member of the family. Saint Patrick himself is said to have owned dogs. So it is natural that you want your own four-legged friend to be a part of any St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The following are ways to celebrate this holiday with your dog:

Go on a Hike

You can celebrate the holiday with your dog by taking it on a hike. If you take your dog on a hiking trip, you will be able to bond with the pooch, get some fresh air, and see some beautiful scenery at the same time. 

The key here is to be prepared. Bring a dog’s leash, food, water, a bowl, and a few toys. If you and your dog are going to travel through some more remote areas, you may want to bring a flashlight as well.

Bake St. Patrick’s Day-Inspired Treats

If you want to make your pup feel like a star on St. Patrick’s Day, then you can bake some dog treats that are green and delicious. If you want to get really fancy, you can even make your own dog-friendly cupcakes. Just make sure that the treats are not toxic.

Go to a Parade

Most cities have some sort of St. Patrick’s Day parade. If you live in an area with an annual parade for this holiday, make sure to take your dog to the festivities. The parade will be a fun way for your dog to get some exercise, and it will also be a fun way for you to spend some quality time with the pooch.

Make St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

If you want to make your dog part of any St. Patrick’s Day celebration, you can create green-themed decorations using the pooch as a model. The most common way to do this is to use the dog’s fur as the green, but you can also use paper or even a green dog bed. All you will need is pet-friendly green paint and some brushes.

Get Some Green Food

Green food is a great way to turn your St. Patrick’s Day into a dog-friendly holiday. One of the best foods for this is romaine lettuce. Just make sure to remove the core and wash and dry the lettuce before serving it to your pooch. If you really want to go all out, consider adding some carrots to the mix.

Make the Pooch a Shamrock Collar

You can make your dog a special St. Patrick’s Day accessory. You can make your own shamrock collar using green construction paper, green ribbon, and hot glue. The best thing about this favor is that you can create one that can be worn year-round.

Have Fun with Your Dog

There are so many ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your dog. Just remember that while the holiday is a fun way to bond with the family dog, you should always keep safety in mind. Always make sure that you bring water, food, and maybe a leash and bowl. Also, make sure that you have a plan for keeping your dog active. If you bring a dog to a parade, you may want to explore an area with many dog parks.

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